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Harmony 1100 worth it?

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I am looking to control the following equipment
1) Panasonic 65ST50
2) Oppo BDP103 Blu ray player
3) Onkyo 875 Receiver
4) PS3
5) XBMC in my HTPC (flicr required?)

I am quite attracted to the 1100 but have heard there are problems like lag, programmability etc. Can anyone chime in on whether this remote is good or other remotes that will do a better job?

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I personally would stay away due to the form factor alone as I hate having to use both hands to operate a remote. It also won't control the PS3 without an extra adapter. The new Harmony Ultimate that was just announced comes with a unit that will control PS3's & Wii's via Bluetooth. I currently use the Harmony 900 with a PS3 adapter and love the form factor. There is a preview of the Ultimate on CNET and looks good to me. If my 900 dies on me, it would be my replacement.
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Just like Truckondo, I don't like the format of the 1100. If you had maybe more automation required (lights, blinds etc) it would be a better fit... Then again I am biased to the traditional remote format.

Another biased preference... I have used the URC MX-8xx line for over 5 years and for me it is probably the perfect remote. Hard buttons, not too many/few, sized/shaped for "viewless" usage. The layout imo is extremely well done, I compare every remote layout to these. Extremely flexible and customization.

Downside is price and since it is a professional unit you either have to buy from a professional installer who will give you the software (to not void warranty) or go commando as it were and save a ton of money buying off ebay (voiding warranty) and downloading the software off torrent.

The software take a bit to learn (took me about 2 hours playing around with layout etc to figure out how it works), but once you do changes and customization are fast and robust. I would say if you mess around with your HTPC often and are annoyed by software wizards then you can handle the software.

PS3: As the poster above said you will need either a remote with native Blu Tooth or some sort of IR to Blu Tooth adapter. I have an older PS3=IRPro made by http://www.schmartz.com/, they no longer sell that model but have a more robust version. There are a few other solutions out there just google IR PS3...

XBMC: Flickr should work pretty well, it is pretty cheap and very flexible cause you configure any IR code to any XBMC command. Another popular solution are MCE IR receivers... though I do remember that some work out of the box with XBMC and some do not. This is why Flickr is a great solution... it is generic translating any IR signal to any keystroke you program it for, who knows you could change HTPC software and this could still work. I have one but have been too lazy to fully replace my MCE receiver which worked out of the box... so not sure if there are ir->keystroke issues/quirks like repeating etc etc Though I seriously do want to install the Flickr.
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So far I'm only using it when I am using my HT but watching TV/Cable I just use the cable remote. Form factor isn't good for channel surfing.
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Another vote of NO mainly due to the form factor. I used to have a 1000 in my old HT, and yes, it was cool like a mini touchpad. But as other mentioned, I too hated to almost have to use two hand every time for a simple function, especially during movie. In a living room, I see the cool factor and should be fine to use two hands for control. But if in a dedicated home theater, I really don't like it at all. Now, I'm using a total of 3 900s and never look back.
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