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Blu Ray/DVD Shelf

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Can someone tell me where to get shelves like this one?

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They're called "floating shelves". A Web search for that topic turns up many sources and styles.
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Looking for these specifically.

Did the search you have recommended and yes there are many versions, however I am looking for the ones in the pic.
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Sorry, can't help finding that specific model. I assume you're trying to match shelves which are already installed. They should have manufacturer and model on them somewhere, perhaps on the side that's against the wall. Have you tried contacting whoever installed them? They might still have the purchasing paperwork.

There are lots of very simple "black floating shelves", though. Adding transparent bookends would then hold the disc cases vertical and let you see the cover pictures of the ones on the ends.
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I actually saved that pic from a thread here, liked what I saw, and can not find the thread to ask the poster where he/she got them.

I have searched the net with no luck, was hoping that someone here could easily point me in the right direction.

I could build them myself, however have enough on my plate these days.

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If you have a home-improvement store near you, like Home Depot or Lowes, you might consider browsing their shelves for something appropriate.
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