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What's wrong with my setup?

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I've bought a CM-7777 titan2 antenna preamp and no channel goes to my tv set. If I bypass it, I can get around 16 HDTV channels.

I'tried the preamp near the antenna connectors(15 inches from the preamp). I did change cables for RJ-6, put a new 300/75 ohms transformator to my yagi Wineguard antenna.

I've measured voltage reading to the power to the preamp, it reads 21/22 volts dc so there is power there. I went to the dealer and he tried at his home and the preamp works in a similar situation.

Antenna without preamp, direct to the tv (42" plasma Panasonic) works but I know I could get 8/10 more channels.

Any clue?
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For what we know that 8/10 more channels are in another direction and/or could be VHF.

How strong are your signals that you are currently getting?

Dealer tried the pre-amp and it didn't work at his house? Sounds broken to me.
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I agree, we need to see how strong your signals are. You could be overloading them.
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