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Only Getting 5.1 and not 7.1 audio?

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Hi everyone,

I have been fighting this issue for a long long time. For the most part I have just ignored it, but I think it's time to address it.

I have a HTPC running Win 7 64 bit. I just purchased a EVGA NVIDIA 1gb 8400gs video card intending to use the hdmi out.

I got it installed and like my previous video card, the ATI 4450 I got the stupid "Video Error Files needed to display video are not installed or not working"

I read through a lot of posts, and found by setting my Windows Audio to stereo and WMC to 7.1 I would get past that error and the movies would all play.

So I launch WMC and standard DVDs play great.

When I try to play a blueray, for example "The Hobit" I had to go into PowerDVD 11 and set the audio to HDMI out and output mode to non-decoded to get any audio.

Only problem is, I only get 5.1 audio. The movie was ripped with the DTS 7.1 audio sounds track. I know i'm only getting 5.1 because the front of the receiver shows which speakers are active.

Here is the information from the ripped movie.

I'm outputting to a Onkyo TX-NX3007 receiver.

If I go into sound in the control panels on the HTPC and select 7.1, and perform a test, I get audio out of all 7.1 speakers. But I can't keep that because I then get the stupid video error files issue.

This has been driving me crazy for like 4 years.

Any suggestions?


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Try playing it with MPC-HC and LAV. Make sure you allow audio devces to take control in the sound settings. Also, does this card have its own audio settings or does it rely on the Windows sound settings?
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8400 GS = 210 supports multichannel LPCM, DD and DTS, but does not support DTS-HD MA / HRA nor Dolby TrueHD / Dolby Digital Plus. So DTS-HD MA must be decoded into multichannel LPCM by a media player. Otherwise only "core" DTS 5.1 will be sent over HDMI.

PowerDVD has been known not to decode DTS-HD correctly. LAV Audio Decoder + ArcSoft DTS decoder (dtsdecoderdll.dll) inside a DirectShow media player such as MPC-HC is recommended.

Or get a graphics card supporting DTS-HD/TrueHD bitstreaming such as GeForce 6xx or Radeon HD 6xxx/7xxx.
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I did some more reading and found out renethx said. The Nvidia 8300gs doesn't support bitstreaming. I returned the card to Micro Center, told the sales guys thanks for selling me the wrong card, and picked up a 610. Got it home, and it set powerdvd to output high end audio, and bam, 7.1 lite up like a x-mas tree!

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