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Old Projector Vs New Projector (Benq pe8700, infocus screenplay, etc)

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Hello Everyone,

As you can quickly tell, I am new to the forum. I can't even claim the title of long time lurker, although I have visited a few times over the years. I am a student and thus am currently interested in dirt cheap and DIY solutions to get the best bang for my.. well.. its not even a buck I guess...

Anyway, I'll jump right into my question.

How would the picture quality (and over all viewing experience) of a very old (~8 yrs) "home theater" projector such as the BenQ pe8700 compare to todays entry level multimedia projector of the same resolution? (eg, Optoma HD66 - <$500)

I'm aware that lamp life is less, as well as lumens... and I kind of figure that "multimedia" projectors are aimed more at biggest bang for lowest price but that the once $4000+ pe8700 may have a lasting quality.

I'm researching this because all I want now is a projector to show movies in the living room (the big TV is in my bedroom) and I'd like at least 720p. At the same time, I can see myself getting into DIY anamorphic down the road, curved screens, even edge blending with 2 projectors... So I don't mind a little work and a little risk with older equipment in order to learn some things that will save me time and money later when I'm working with the nice stuff:).

Thanks for your thoughts!
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Used 720P projector with less thatn 2000 hours on the lamp, with contrast ratio of 4000:1 is doable, and you should not be paying more than $100-175 in my book.. I am using an HC3000 built in 2005-2006, I have had it for about 3-4 years (3000+ hour of use) I paid $175 for it back then. New $500 projector will probably beat it in some areas but not all so I just keep watching it. For instance I can not hear the fan when using it on eco and with a high gain screen I can keep using it on eco .. I expect I will not up grade till the lamp fails and some Mitsubishi lamps have lasted over 10,000 hours.. ;-) I would guess the hdmi port will fail first as it is already getting flaky from the nightly setup and break down...
Good luck, when you find something you think is a good deal, projector central is your friend. if the specs look good, then you start searching here, if there are no complaints of failure issues near the end of the the thread, you may be ok. I would stay away form LCD units as they seem to have image issues sooner than DLP. However some cheaper DLPs HD1000 HC1500 and other entry levels of that vintage had color wheel failures.
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Hey thanks! I was hoping that I could get by with <$200, depending on lamp usage. Incidientally, there's an HC3000 on ebay right now, but based on what you told me about getting yours, I don't consider it that great of a deal...

As for as the pe8700, it seems a power supply going out is not an uncommon occurrence. I will have to consider that. More research to do! Thanks for the thoughts.

If anyone else has some recommendations, I'd love to hear them!
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http://www.avsforum.com/t/1468603/sanyo-z2 Posted in the classifieds here recently. $300 obo with a mount. Not to bad of a deal with 1000 hrs on the bulb. GL in your search
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Anything more than about 3 years old isn't worth more than $100-300. Quality has changed that much in the last 5 years (I would say the last 1-2 years has been more about features than image quality).
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