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Two 12" Rockford Fosgate P3s from my car to my HT what you think

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I'm new to the HT stuff but have made sub enclosures for my cars a few times and have these 12s I wouldn't mind sacrificing for my HT

would any of you recommend this or should i buy something that is geared for a HT setup

also any ideas of what kind of a box sealed or ported

thank you for your thoughts
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Which specific version do you have
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I have two of these and this amp

not sure if I could somehow use the amp as well with an inverter or should I buy an amp made for home audio

thanks for your help guys
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Do you have a link to a spec sheet for that driver? Looks like the 2011 version.
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Im pretty sure this is it http://www.crutchfield.com/S-u57RTfOKE2y/p_575P3D412/Rockford-Fosgate-P3D412.html#details-tab
Size 12 -inch
Impedance 4 ohms
Cone Material Kevlar reinforced fiber
Surround Material Poly-ether-ester
Ideal Sealed Box Volume (cubic feet) 1
Ideal Ported Box Volume (cubic feet) 1.79
Port diameter (inches) 4
Port length (inches) 10
Free-Air No
Dual Voice Coil Yes
Sensitivity 85 dB at 1 watt
Frequency Response 27 - 250 Hz
RMS Power Range (Watts) 100-500
Peak Power Handling (Watts) 1000
Top Mount Depth (inches) 6 7/8
Bottom Mount Depth (inches) 7 1/8
Cutout Diameter or Length (inches) 11
Vas (liters) 43.9
Fs (Hz) 27
Qts 0.52
Xmax (millimeters) 13.4
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Alright, that's just barely enough to run a model. Looks like a 4 ft3 20 hz tuned box for each driver will work pretty well. A single 4" x 17" port would be acceptable with up to 500 watts for each driver with a 20 hz high pass filter in place.

I've never messed with converting car amps to home use so I cant help with that. You'll need a pro amp that's stable at 2 ohms (or has a ton of power at 8 ohms) to power each driver separately unless you wire them together as a single 4 ohm load in order to use a plate amp. You could build a single 8 ft3 dual driver box with a pair of 4" x 17" ports and use a 1000 watt plate amp for the simplest setup.
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thanks for you help

if anyone else can chime in on using my car amp that would be great I think I can make it work but just wondering if it will sound good
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You would be better off getting a used pro amp on craigslist or a pawn shop. To run a car amp you would need to buy a expensive power supply , better to use the money on a real amp. Unless you want to go ghetto and bring a car battery and maybe a high amp charger in the house.
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Two nu3000DSP's into quad 4-ohm should work quite well. There are better amps out there but they are all more expensive (like double the cost, or more).

I would steer away from an inverter, as they are very inefficient (wastes power like crazy, burn-your-house-down heat levels) and they are expensive.

It would be far easier just to run your car every time you want to use the car bass amps. All you would need is a Speakon jack in your car port (with some really long 10awg in-wall wiring); and then one more cable that you leave in the car attached to the amp (speakon to barewire), connect the two together and leave your car running (there is probably laws against that). A bit ghetto, but it WOULD work... until the bylaw/EPA shows up.
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t/s specs here: http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/support/rftech.aspx?kbsrc=http://rftech.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/rftech.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=825&p_li=&p_topview=1#knowledge

Fs (Hz): 28.0
Re (Ohms): 6.60
Le (mH): 5.8
Qts: 0.52
Qes: 0.56
Qms: 6.80
Cms (m/N): 0.15
Vas (L): 54.3
Mms (g): 206.0
Mmd (g): 199.4
Rms (kg/s): 5.4
Airload (g): 6.4
No (%): 0.2
SPL (dB - 1W/1M): 85.0
BL (T*M): 21.1
*Xmax10 (mm): 16.2
Sd (cm2): 500

4-5 cubic feet tuned to 20-23hz would work pretty darn well with a 500 watt amp and 20hz high pass filter. pretty flat response at 112db 2pi space. excursion right near xmax. that is for each driver.

won't be as loud as in a car, but still...not too shabby.

a large flared 4" port is the minimum like jay mentioned. here is one form factor for build idea:

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thanks for all the info
any suggestions on amps would you go with a plate amp or another way and what brands and or models
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Plate amps are good if you need the compact aspect of them but rackmount amps give you a better $$ to watt ratio.

Some options might be.

Behringer Inuke3000dsp (BassthatHz mentions it above)
Behringer Inuke1000dsp (same thing less power)
Behringer ep4000 (similar as above but no DSP, so no subsonic filter for ported subs)

They are generally considered the better "bang for your buck" amplifiers.
Others can chime in about Crown or other companies but these are some of the ones I've personally owned.
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