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Newbie looking to do his first DIY build!

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Hi all:

The NE GTG is over and I walked away highly impressed with all the DIY there.

We listened to a few different SEOS builds. I need your advice on what I should attempt as my first go around. SEOS 8''?

I obviously want something relatively inexpensive as I am likely to fubar it up the first time. I am really thinking of using whatever I make as my surrounds instead of the CBM 170-SE Ascends I have.

So for those that have heard the 170-SE ....it would have to beat them out or I am building something to sit in my basement.

Any help would be wonderful!

Thanks in advance.
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the fusion 8 is the easy choice. i built the ones you hard at the G2G. they are pretty simple to build and the crossover is pretty simple. if you wanted something that could take some more power and play louder the Alpha 8 - Minion would be the choice. (ill prob build this soon)

but if you are going to use them as surrounds the fusion 8 are cheaper

the other option is the karama 8 that MTG90 designed but it uses a different waveguide vs the ones you heard at the G2G
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Thanks for reply... I did like the Fusion 8. Can you tell me what the Karma 8 differences would be compared to the Fusion 8?

I liked the Fusion but I found their mid range lacking some detail...although I probably really over thinking surrounds ...for some reason I want them to sound 95%+ as good as my mains which is probably over kill.

Have you heard the 170 SE? I think the fusion beats them some...hard to say without an a / b comparison.

Fusion 8 = cheapest and easiest.

Alpha 8 = tad more loud.

Karma 8 = sound wise?
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you should ask mtg90 about the karma - 8 he designed it and the minion. he would be a better person to ask. i have only heard the fusions 8s
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Thanks! I will send him a PM. Appreciate the help.
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While I can't speak to the Karma 8's, I can say that the Karma 10's are nothing short of fantastic! I've had mine for a few weeks now, and I can't get enough of their sound. Very highly recommend!

I'm also a DIY speaker newbie, but these were very easy to build - I even used 3/4" birch ply for the cabs instead of the flat packs. Now I just need to turn them off long enough to finish them with Duratex - (still in raw wood & spackle form...) rolleyes.gif
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