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Bass management solutions with XLR connections.

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I've pulled the Outlaw ICBM-1 out of storage to use as a bass manager for my 2.1 sound system. it's only unbalanced inputs. my new amp and preamp have the capabilities to use balanced connections. I have been much happier with the sound using the ICBM-1 versus using the crossover on the sub.

what other bass management solutions are there that use balanced connections? The reason I ask is that I'm about to move my components to the side of the room and the connection to the amp will be about 15-20 feet away now.

I just read the anti-mode DSpeaker 2.0 reviews and it looks great and would help with my room, but are there other solutions with out the auto EQ similar to the ICBM-1? I need another sub in the HT since I took it from there. Other option is to get a new sub for 2 channel area that will integrate better with the onboard management/crossovers and put back this older sub into the HT.
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You can take a balanced cable and cut off the XLR on one end and put an RCA connector on that end to use as an adapter cable.

Just connect one leg of the signal (from pin 2 of the XLR) to the center pin of the RCA, and the ground (from pin 1 of the XLR) to the outer shell of the RCA connector.

I use that type of cable to connect my TV audio output to my balanced preamp.

Of course this is not a balanced connection, but it will get the job done.

Of course maybe you are just setting the crossover frequency wrong on the sub.

My main speakers are rated to go down to around 40 hz, and the best setting on the sub crossover filter seems to be between 40 and 50 hz.

I would experiment some more with the gain and frequency settings on the sub first.
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