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General Questions about setting up a system

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Hi all. Been a while since I posted anything but my girlfriend and I have recently purchased a home and I am now trying to optimize my setup (as we plan on being here for a while). I have a couple questions about how I should be researching what to get. We are using a 3.1 setup for movie and tv watching and I would like to have a good 2.1 setup for music listening. My system is currently:

Focal 806v for mains
Klipsch C-20 center speaker
Boston 12" downfiring woofer (can't remember the model # at this time)
Yamaha RX-V495 (I know, I know smile.gif )

So basically with this setup, I understand that I should first get a new receiver to better power my speakers and offer better options for 2.1 listening (currently my receiver offers none). I am confused on what I should be looking for in a receiver besides making sure it offers Audyessy and has enough power to run the speakers. Thoughts?

Secondly, I know that I should have the mains and center better matched and was wondering if there was a way to determine this besides just going with a center from the same manufacturer or identical speaker.

These should help me start researching/auditioning so thank you very much for your responses.
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A better avr will enhance your system as well as timber matched speaker. You don't need Auddysee, it is a nice option but, Pioneer and Yamaha room correction systems are also excellent. List your budget and some avr choices. I would moved the focals for 2.1 listening and use Klipsch for the 3.1 or future 5.1 or 5.2 setup.
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Hi thanks for replying. I am not sure of my budget yet. I am of the mindset of waiting and saving to get the best for my setup whether it takes a while or not. I was looking at marantz denon and yamaha but it was hard to figure out which will sound the best and what features I would want going forward. So are you recommending possibly splitting up the speakers and going for a klipsch setup and a focal setup?
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there is a lot to think about for the future. will you be up grading to the latest 4K TV.
it should be compatible with that. then do you have on line wifi access, then you can use
many of the several music services on there. also do you have a home network where
you can stream audio from you computer wireless. do you know what DLNA is? I think
that is how it is spelled. also if you have a garage will you want to have a system that
can run two things at the same time. wife watching HT while you are working on
bike/car what ever in your garage.
Bluray player or up to 5 HDMI inputs. a lot to think about and plenty of time to study
info on AVS. Sony has their 4K TV out this fall at what I think a decent price they also
have a AVR system capable of 4K pass through, STR-DH740 on their web site.
just thought I might mention it.......
good luck.....
oh also do either of you own a ipod/iphone? some AVRs talk to it/control it.
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Wow. Thanks! I am not planning on upgrading our tv anytime soon but it would be a shame if we did a few years down the road. We currently use boxee for all our streaming needs and I cant see us relying on a receiver to handle that kind of stuff (down the road maybe switch to a nas system). I hadn't thought about being able to listen to different things at the same time and that could be a very nice feature. Thanks for all the ideas!
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I agree with moving the Focal's to the 2.1 system and getting a set of Klipsch speakers to match your Klipsch center channel speaker. From there everything will depend on your budget and your desires for future expansion. If you can afford the Pioneer SC-1522-K currently at some Costco's ($599) it may be a great option for you. It can operate multiple zones so it could be used for your 2.1 channel stereo room and your 3.1 channel TV room. It also has enough flexibility to work well in the future for a 5.1 HT system while still powering the 2.1 channel system. It will play different sources (for example: internet radio, mp3's, etc into 2.1, Blu Ray to TV) into the different rooms at the same time so you can listen to music in the 2.1 room while your family is watching a movie in the TV room. Still, a receiver like that would be my recommendation for some time in the future. Match those front speakers for the TV room first.
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Awesome thanks! I mispoke though I actually have C-2 center instead of the 20. I also own some klipsch B-2 bookshelves that I am not using. Those should work for matching but not sure about the sound they will produce as opposed to the focals. Thanks for the recommendation of the pioneer. I will definitely look into it!
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