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Opinion Needed

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I just purchased a pair of bookshelf speakers through an Amazon reseller and they were billed as being New. Turns out upon arrival they do not appear to be new. I noted the manual was not included with these speakers and also the finish on one cabinet appears to have been spray painted on one side to cover up some scratches or possible damage. Since the speakers are a Flat black and the paint that was added is more like semi gloss it is easy to see and certainly feel.

The speakers do seem to sound OK but I am led to believe they have already been broken in because I am not hearing a change in any tonal qualities or overall character of the sound after playing these for a dozen hours. Normally I can hear some kind of change even a subtle one by this time since I've owned around a half dozen pairs of speakers over the years and know about the break in period.

In light of this, I am thinking about returning them for a refund. This was the only pair they had and I don't believe the reseller actually has a new pair to replace this pair. I have to wonder since the cabinet was painted whether or not any interior damage was inflicted upon the speaker at some point and then it was repaired. Also, I have to wonder since it already seems to be broken in whether or not it was broken in properly.

What would you do in this situation?
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Return them.
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Yeah, I think I will. I just noticed upon further examination that the cabinet that has the "paint job" has three very small specks of what appears to be an off pink paint or equivalent. Right on the edge of the baffle on one front side. A damn shame because they are great speakers. At least I can purchase them again elsewhere.
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In addition to returning them also considering leaving a negative rating for the seller. If they were billed as new -- and clearly weren't -- they should be held accountable.
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Thanks. I want to see how they handle my request to return them for a refund. If they put up a stink or refuse I will definitely give them a bad rating. If they honor my request I will go a bit easier on them and just simply state what was wrong with the speakers.

My best guess is this. They came from a Home Theater store of some kind and since they are the only pair of these speakers they had (now discontinued) these were probably a demo floor model on display. If they were honest about saying they were used and priced them accordingly I probably would not want to return them provided a disclosure was given outlining specifically how they were used and if any internal damage had been done prior to the point of sale.
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