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Dynex DX-46L261A12 firmware problem...

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I have a Dynex DX-46L261A12 and I installed some firmware on it today. Problem is, I picked the wrong firmware and installed it. I've lost the VGA option and only one of my HDMI inputs gets a signal. I just need to find a way to roll back the firmware or install the correct firmware. Dynex is horrible at getting back with anyone, including myself. If anyone has any leads, it would be great! Maybe a file or something somewhere? I need both of my HDMI ports working. It's the only two on the TV. HELP PLEASE! Thanks!
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Not sure there is anything you can do. Dynex is really the only one who can help you at this point, if at all.
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Good luck. I had a Panasonic Blu-Ray player, and I went to download the recent firmware, and I lost the HDMI output, only had composite outputs. called customer support, and they were useless, they said I had to send it in for repairs at my cost.
I went out and brought a new Sony Blu-Ray player. I'm done with Panasonic.
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