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How to choose and position speakers in a three bedroom condo

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I recently purchased my first property in tropical Manila (in the Philippines). It's a three-bedroom, 180 sqm (about 1,940 square feet) condo on a very high floor. It's a corner unit with the windows facing west and north.

The 72 sqm living/dining area has an 8-meter west wall made entirely of floor-to-ceiling windows and overlooks a magnificent sunset over the city skyline. The dining area is beside these windows, with a work desk at the far northwest corner.

On the opposite end of the room, I have marked off a roughly 6 meter x 2.5 meter space for a living room and TV area. I plan to put a 60 inch or larger flat screen, with the back facing the windows, and the sofa against the east wall.

The ceilings in the living area are a bit low at 8 to 9 feet, because the condo ceilings were low to begin with and there are odd beams and pipes running through the ceiling.

The floor is intended to be polished porcelain tile. The walls will be largely plain white concrete or board, and there will be no drapes or cabinetry in the space.

How would you configure speakers in this space?

My first thought was to have nothing but ceiling mounted speakers throughout the condo, because there is not much space and speaker stands will only get in the way of people. I was thinking to have them install speaker wires to allow:

- 3 speakers above TV (I thought it is less of an issue as the ceiling is not high)
- 2 speakers beside couch
- 2 or 4 speakers at the corners of the dining area
- 2 small speakers aimed at the work desk
- 2 small speakers in the kitchen
- 2 speakers in each bedroom

What would you recommend?

I am not an audiophile but would want good sound to enjoy movies with the TV. I also want to be able to play music in the living area and throughout the condo, and listen to everything from classical to rock.

How would you control all these speakers, too?

Also, would you have insulation material added to the ceiling and floor? I am having the floor replaced so this can be done. (The walls are not a problem as there are only three condo units per floor and, for example, my kitchen is adjacent to the living area and acts as a huge buffer for my neighbor.)
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Can someone point me to material on multiroom speaker setups? I'm a bit confused.
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Could you post some pictures? They're worth 1,000 words. biggrin.gif

High R-value insulation (make sure it's formaldehyde and asbestos free) can help dampen sound transference besides keeping the apartment at the proper temperatures, but it's a little more complicated than that when dealing with sound. Look at the dedicated theater and acoustic theory threads for more info.

Do you have access to a fair amount of speakers and electronics there, or are you fine budget-wise with importing in from the States?

For whole home audio, you might want to look at having a separate receiver and smaller, wall mount speakers for the main A/V "theater" system and a whole-home distribution receiver and in-ceiling/in-wall speakers for ambient music throughout the rest of the apartment. Check out the whole home A/V distribution thread for the background music distribution part of the system.
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Could you post a link to the home A/V thread? I don't even know the right terms, so cannot search for them, and am completely confused.

Here's what the living room plan looks like. It's about 2.5 meters from TV to back of sofa and about 6 meters wide, not counting corridor space on either end. The wall of windows on the other end of the room is 8 meters wide.

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