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How to make a star ceiling?

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I'm looking at making a fiber optic star ceiling about 12 feet by 15 feet. I'm not much of a handy man, but I would rather DIY as the alternatives are too expensive.

I've heard of a few people using foam core panels and attaching them to the ceiling via industrial valcro instead of using heavier MDF boards. This approach appeals to me as it seems safer and easier.

The question I have is how you logistically make a star ceiling with multiple panels? I've seen some fiber optic packs where all the fibers converge to a single point and then get plugged into the single illuminator.

In order to build a star ceiling with multiple panels, do you need to take the fibers out, then re converge them once the panels have been fixed to the ceiling?
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You'll want to make one fiber bundle for each panel then just feed all the bundles into the illuminator. I went with spools of fiber myself and ran each star point separately. I felt it gave me more control over the layout and efficient use of the fiber.
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What foam core panels? Insulation panels? I too am interested in this.
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I came across this link when looking to do this project.


Good build thread.
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Awesome! Thanks so much for that!
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