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What I need is a portable mixer of sorts that can pair with two audio inputs and output one bluetooth audio stream. The reason for this is I have two phones, one being a smartphone, and the other being a cordless dumbphone. As of right now, I can pair my smartphone with my stereo bluetooth ear buds, but I need both the smartphone and dumb phone signal to stream into the single input stereo ear buds. Although there are multi input ear buds, they are not both ear (two channels) which is not what I want. This leaves me with a few problems though.

1: The dumb phone by default does not have bluetooth capabilities. It does however have a 2.5mm jack which could be adapted to a 3.5mm and have a bluetooth dongle plugged into it.
2: I need a good recommendation for 3.5mm stereo to bluetooth transmitter dongle.
3:With the above covered, we now have two bluetooth audio signals. These two signals need to be taken in to a small bluetooth mixer and output as one audio stream for the bluetooth headset.

If anyone has any ideas on a solution for this problem, it would really help a lot. Most of the 3.5mm bluetooth dongles are marketed as receivers not transmitters, and I'm a bit reluctant to purchase one to see if it can also transmit.