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RI/MA speaker demos

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I'm looking to buy some new tower speakers for my left and right channel. I'm trying to find places where I can demo some different brands but all I know of is Best Buy. Any other venues?

I'm in the Rhode Island / Massachusetts part of the US

I was looking at the Polk RTi at about 400$ apiece. Suggestions around the price range are also welcome.
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Would really like to know where I can go to listen to some speakers other than Best Buy
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Best bet is to go on the website and look for a dealer locator. Or you can go into the calling all Polkies thread in the speaker forum and see if someone in your area would be kind enough to give you an in home demo.
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Thank You for your support! I'll look into it.
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In RI:


I recently bought Paradigm speakers from these people; Also, bought my Anthem AVR from them...great people, they let me bring a few different demo speakers home, to try.
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