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Antenna question

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I've attached a picture of my roof top antenna... Does the stem side point to the transmitters or does the V shape point to the transmitters?

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It's put together wrong. It should look similar to this one, which points to the RIGHT:
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Originally Posted by holl_ands View Post

It's put together wrong.
I would sure say so. Looks to me like a yagi UHF antenna with corner reflector where the reflector is facing the wrong way.
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Do you have any VHF channels in your area? Post your tvfool results so we can get a better idea of reception and channels in your area. You might need a VHF/UHF antenna. And since you are going up there to take apart the antenna anyway, you might want to replace it with something else. It could turn out that you have only UHF channels in your area anyway.
Also tvfool can tell you where to point the antenna. Hopefully it will not be towards the roofline as it looks in your pic.
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Thank you every body.... I was getting a lot of OTA channels, but it would be pixelated at times and at time no signal. I turned it around and it fixed the problem. I know absolutely nothing about antenna... but it worked thanks to this forum!!!!!!!!!!! smile.gifsmile.gif
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I turned it around and the pixelation stopped and I have much better reception... Thank you!
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