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Sony VPH-G70q

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HI everyone - been lurking around for a few weeks, and decided to dive right in.

I recently acquired a G70...if i had known how big and heavy it was before it was too late I may not have agreed to take it.

On power up I get an error 29 related to the B board power.

I couldn't speak for how gently this thing was transported, so I opened her up, and removed and reinserted all of the boards to make sure they were seated properly - same results.

Any quick fixes come to mind for this error, or do I need to replace the B board to get it working?

Is there any value to these units these days?? It's too big for my needs, but should I be looking to sell this thing whole as is, fix it and sell it, or just part it out...or is it garbage?

Thanks for any input

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I say you post it on Craigslist and videogon as free. You could post it on Curts site as well seeing as it is broken.
Always try the giving it away route before you recycle it.
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The board can be repaired, but you need to check the condition of the tubes first before you do anything. Tubes for the G70 are now discontinued, and finding good used ones is near impossible. I do have a set of brand new ones, but they are $1500 for the set. If your tubes show minimal wear, I can repair the board. Email me at curtpalme at shaw.ca, but I'm away for the next 2 weeks. I can respond to emails, etc while on the road though.

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