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There's a new guide in NYC. When deleting a show a new box shows up, different layout and font. It could be a little bigger. Maybe they fixed the lag as well. That would be nice...
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Absolutely no clue what you are talking about.
If this is something to do with a MSO supplied DVR, then look for the thread for that DVR, or go to the thread for your MSO, or better yet go to your local reception thread.
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Chill out Bruce, I am a TWC customer in Manhattan and I have a TWC issued Samsung box. After you watch a show and go to delete it a new box with new graphics pops up..
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Nothing to "chill out" about. Clairvoyance should not be necessary to figure out what one is talking about, nor should you assume anyone else will automatically know what you were talking about.

BTW, you should be able to edit your existing post.
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A correction and apology ... The new change is when you're on the Guide and you have to many shows scheduled to record at the same time. The box that appears is the new graphics... sorry Bruce
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Looks as the best place to post is here;

They apparently have been discussing this topic. wink.gif
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