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Polk RTi-A9 to RTi-A7??

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I've been looking at and reading about speakers for a few weeks to the point where my head hurts!
I'm very interested in the Polk RTi-A9's but I have not been able to audition them. My local dealer had the A7's which I heard today and at first I was impressed but after a while they seemed bright almost to the point of harshness.
Has anyone done a side by side between the 7 & 9? These are beautiful speakers, the build quality is amazing for a speaker at this price point and I really want to like the 9's but I'm wondering if they are as bright as the 7's? I also listened to the LSiM705 and they were very nice, certainly not nearly as bright as the A7's but not as exciting either. The A is for sure a more exciting speaker than the LS and I've always liked that, it just seemed a little too bright.
Thanks for any thoughts

I should have placed this in the Polk thread, can a moderator move this?
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All the Rtis will sound the same up top so........................... you might want to look at some other brand.
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