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Boss Screen Ice

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I have been on this forum several years and am currently owner of an infocus SP8602,+++. Recently I have bought a new place and I am looking at the follow product to put on a wall as screen: BOSS SCREEN ICE from http://www.boss.be/

This techinique I saw displayed in the house of the future in Belgium and was rather impressive, but I have yet to find any actualy technical data. I have only found this PDF in dutch: http://users.telenet.be/tremdecor/tremdecor/verf/Ice.pdf

Does anyone have any experience with this or any further technical data? I have also asked data straight from Boss but have yet to receive any.

Thank in advance for your input.
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If you are looking for a paint solution, visit the DIY forum under this one, many different paint solutions for all kinds of different environments.
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Thx for the comment, I know about the DIY thread, there is however no info on this product to be found on avs forums sofar. I have looked all over.
Why I would choose thisone is simple, I can get it cheap. But not without knowing it will perform with my infocus.
I have asked the manufacturer for some addition info but still awaiting response, ill update this thread when I have more. cool.gif
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