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My Panasonic plasma just posted "an error has been detected and recovered"

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I own a 55GT50 and when turning it on everything worked as normal. The receiver went on responding normally to the HDMI CEC, and the red light on the GT displayed as if it was on. The only problem was there was no image what so ever. The TV wouldn't respond at all to the remote and I had to press the power button at least 2 or 3 times on the actual set to get it to turn off then on again. Once on the TV read across the screen "An error has been detected and recovered" and continued to work normally. I've read about this but usually with models from before 2010 nothing as of recent. I have a 65VT30 thats almost 2 years old and never once has this happened. My question is should I expect my TV to eventually fail or have others experienced this and nothing happened again after this occurrence. This TV is way too new to be experiencing problems. I only bought it in the beginning of Dec and have used it less then 800 hours.
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Really? No one. That's pretty bad if its that rare.
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I have a 2013 Panasonic Plasma TV TC-65PS64 purchased from Costco in mid August 2013 that randomly reboots itself, requiring just a few seconds, and then displays "an error has been detected and recovered" over the picture for a few seconds before viewing is back to normal.


This television routinely does this.  It seems the longer I watch, the more frequently it reboots itself.  It started rebooting itself from day one. On college football rivalry day this year, my TC-65PS64 rebooted itself a couple times during Georgia - Georgia Tech, and then during Auburn - Alabama it started rebooting itself enough that I went and turned on my old 50" Samsung DLP after one of the reboots took longer than a few seconds before it recovered.  This incident tipped me over the edge, beyond my pretty generous tolerance level.


Pansonic's website has the following "answer" in their "got a question" support area, blaming "a source device" ---


Why does my TV say "An Error has been detected and recovered"?

This message is coming from a source device that is connected to the TV.


Right out of the gate, Panasonic's message to me, a TC-65PS64 owner, is that they intend to finger point rather than support their product.  It's pretty interesting that no "source device" connected to my TC-65PS64 ever caused my old 42" LG to reboot itself or recover when it was a "source device" for my LG, but somehow one of them wields this incredible power over a TV that outweighs the old LG by 20+ pounds and 23 inches?  I don't think so!


While I did buy Panasonic's 65" Vieja HDTV, I have to say I am not sure I can buy Panasonic's story on this error that my TV-65PS64 supposedly recovers from after it reboots itself. 


Is Panasonic saying my Comcast cable box reboots my Panasonic?  The TV's electricity doesn't plug in to the cable box, so I am confused how that could happen. Is Panasonic claiming my Roku reboots my TV-65PS64?  Is it that my (unpowered) antenna sends errors and reboot instructions that only Panasonic TVs understand?  That does not seem too likely.  Does my ethernet cable reboot the Vieja? Or is it my wireless? Does "a source device that is connected to the TV" include the wireless "connection" with my wireless router being the source device?


Since I bought the Panasonic TV-65PS64 from Costco, and since Panasonic blames a "source device that is connected to the TV," I will try to leverage Costco to get it repaired or replaced.  I sure hope Costco lives up to their "Costco Concierge Services" promises.  Thank goodness I did not buy this plasma contraption over the internet or straight from Panasonic (if that is even possible). I think I would be S.O.L.

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