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KD-34XBR960 service menu guides out there?

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Hey gang,

I am a retro gamer with all the old school systems and i recently picked up a KD-34XBR960 so i can run RGB cables as well as newer systems like the original xbox, gamecube, ps2 component cables.

Anyway, im attempting make the set perfect and what im starting with is overscan/underscan problems

does anyone have a link or a good guide on how to work the service menu????

thanks guys!
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If you happen to be located in the Philadelphia area I do complete calibration at a fraction of the cost a pro charges pm me if interested.
To answer you question here is all you would ever want to know about the the service menu http://www.avsforum.com/t/531494/the-sony-service-codes-articles-comments-discoveries/0_100. Search google for the service manual it is out there as I have a copy I downloaded a while back but it is a large PDF and helpful in understanding the multilevel menus that are resolution and input specific.
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ohman that thread is incredible.

thank you so much for your reply.

I will have to attempt googling the service menu i didnt even try that!

thanks again so much!
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Keep us posted Meowmix.
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I definitely will, thank you so much! Im very new to service menus and doing any kind of video quality adjusting. But now that i have this incredible TV I really want to utilize it and experience the best it can offer for my retro consoles and last generation consoles. And i know that can not be done through typical menu options. especially this TV as there is no individual high or low end color adjustments available on the user menu.

For my new consoles (ps3 xbox360) I have a new samsung plasma and i followed "the dummys guide for video calibration" another gentleman posted many years ago on another forum. So i picked up an Eye-one sensor, figured out the software, and got a DVE blueray essentials and really did a decent job of dialing in the right white/black levels as well as correct color levels. A decent enough job for 100$ in equipment, and for also not accessing any service menus.

In any case i really am a total newbie otherwise. Ill really have to examine that thread airscapes linked for me and go over the service guide once i find it(if i find it lol). It will definitely take some time! And then hopfully ill be able to use use my eyeone sensor yet again to see how well i came to getting correct RGB levels at the different white/black levels! That was very fun.

here is the thread i used to calibrate the samsung, in case anyone was curious or has any comments about it! but again its not useful for the new sony CRT as the user menu controls are extremely limited


thanks guys!
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Here is a link to the service manual KD-34XBR960 Service manual
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