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7 Brands

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Hi Friends,
This is my first message.
I'm planning change my old home theatre that is panasonic sc-ht 870 since 2004.
I have 7 brands in my mind according to reading forums and reviews.
1- Energy Take Classic 5.1
2- Polk Audio TL1600
3- Mirage Nanosat
4- Canton Movie Player mx-125
5- MartinLogan mlt-2
6- Q-Aoustics 7000
7- Monitor Audio MASS

I will use it %95 for movie , %5 for music.

I'm also planning to buy Pioneer vsx-921 as avr .

I'm living in Turkey and here I've chance to listen just polk and q-acoustics.

For real movie performance,deep bass in action scenes, which one do you prefer ?

I have limited budget(800$ HT + 600$ A:)VR)

Thanks for all.
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Out of your choices, I would recommend the Energy Take Classic, I know many people who own it and they have nothing but good things to say about it. However, I would get the 5.0 system, without the Sub, and buy a higher quality sub with the money saved.

Don't buy the Mirage speakers, they are not worth it. They usually go on sale for $300. Not bad speakers, but the mids are awful.

Another suggestion, that isn't on your list, is the KEF KHT3005BL. They retail for $2,000, but often are on sale for $600-800.

Good luck!
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I like the MLT-2s. They have larger drivers and a 10" sub. Medium-sized bookshelves that would fit nicely on a stand. The Energy's are nice too but I don't care for the glossy finish.
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Thanks for answers,
I heard about KEF 3005 reputation but I didn't add to the list.
What do you think about q-acoustics 7000 and monitor audio mass ?
Are there suitable for movie ?
Is there anybody who can compare 2 or more of them ? (for movie performance)
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If you can, I'd suggest trying to listen them yourself. People hear audio differently so you should take your ears, and your listening environment, into consideration when comparing. You can't go on published specs alone because quite often you don't know how those specs were determined.
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