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Video Editing Software

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New to Forums........wasn't sure if there was a section dedicated to this topic. Recently purchased my first digital camcorder and looking for a good source of video editing software reviews. It's been a while since I've used any such product........decided it was time to retire my Sony Hi-8......any recommendations would be welcomed.


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Welcome to the forum!

Software has been discussed in many threads. It could take you a day or two the read all that has been written.

To start, assuming you have a PC, you should learn the editing software that came with your camera. If it is a Sony or Panasonic, it will edit "losslessly". That means that since there is no "rendering" or "transcoding" the output result is as perfect as the source. However, to achieve "lossless" many creative features and tools are missing. I know nothing about Canon software.

If you have a PC, Windows Movie Maker is free from Microsoft and works pretty well.

If you have a Mac or find the camera provided software limiting, I think the most common and popular 3rd party editing software is Adobe Premier Elements. Now in version 11 it works well with current AVCHD formats. There are versions for both Mac and PC. There is a wide and abundant variety of learning resources.

Perhaps next on the list is Sony's home version of Vegas. It runs on PCs, not Macs, and has lots of fans here.

These two are under $100. Both Adobe and Sony have pro versions for around $600. There are about 20 other 3rd party editors on the market.

Mac owners like iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

When and if asked, I usually try to make the case that the editor you pick has less to do with results than taking the time to learn and master whatever you buy. Personally, I found the wealth of learning resources important and have focused on Premier Elements 11 as my primary editing software.

Few amateurs ever thoroughly learn more than one editor. They are too complex. You won't find many that can actually compare them. Even pros will master one and stick with it. Only if employment forces change, will they learn a new one.

Good luck!

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I would take a serious look at PremierePro CS6. I don't have it, but I am familiar with past editions, as well as FCP, iMovie, Vegas and Avid. I also have FCP-X. I think Apple let FCP go a bit, and I was disappointed that DVD Studio Pro is no longer. I found Adobe Encore great for authoring (though I preferred DVD SP). I don't have a need for editing right now, but if I did, I would be buying CS6! Available for Mac or PC.
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i think that cs6 can now be rented by the month, instead of an outright purchase.

i just got into sony vegas pro 12, i've been using different versions of svp off and on for years, it probably has the best price/performance ratio of the top editing software packages, but there always seems to be something missing from it :-/
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Originally Posted by Chevypower View Post

I would take a serious look at PremierePro CS6. ......

$735 at B&H

Premier Elements is normally around $80.
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Originally Posted by osv View Post

i think that cs6 can now be rented by the month.....

Adobe requires an 12 month commitment. Premier Pro CS6 by itself is $20 a month. The entire Adobe CS6 is $50 a month.

Adobe Plans
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