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Card : Blackmagic Intensity Pro
Video source : component, 1080i 50
Operating system: windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
Mother board : Gigabyte Z77-D3H
Graphics : HD4000, confirmed quicksync working.
CPU : I3 ( 3rd generation)
Ram : 8 GB

Have installed the blacmagic desktop video software and able to preview and capture. I am trying to capture HD video and encode(h264) it using the QuickSync in Graph-edit.

BlackMagic Capture -> AVI Decompressor -> VideoRenderer [ works ]
BlackMagic Capture -> AVI Decompressor -> Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder -> file.avi [ works ]
BlackMagic Capture -> AVI Decompressor -> Intel Media SDK H.264 Encoder -> file.avi [ error: cannot make connection ]

If I use a HD file instead of Intensity Pro card, the quicksync encoder/decoder works as expected.

Any suggestions on why I am able to record/encode intensity pro data to a file for NTSC/PAL but not for 720 & 1080?