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Advice on blocking reflections from a computer monitor

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I'm considering a plasma tv (S60) that has a highly reflective front panel. It will be used in my downstairs office and I will be able to control lighting. I've become addicted to web surfing while watching tv (particularly sporting events). It's a deal breaker if I cannot prevent reflections on the tv from my computer monitor. The tv would be on the east wall. My desk would be 5 feet away from the tv and I would be sitting about 8 feet away from the 50 inch tv. Short of painting the west wall black, how can I prevent reflections on the tv? Are curtains adequate? Other better suggestions?
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Having the tv up high(lower part of screen around eye level)helps prevent seeing reflections of yourself(like a mirror).Also if you can have screen more angled toward roof vs floor is better...and light evenly dispersed is better.You dont want any bright light bulbs that would reflect off screen.
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Get a tablet so you can surf from the couch.
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Get the ST60 so you have the anti reflective panel?

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As a suggestions I would look into the S64 which is the S60, but with an AR filter. This may offer what you need at a resonable enough price. the S64 is a club model (costcco, Sams Club, BJs, etc)....This may be your best bet....As far as reflections go Id be more worried out line of sight light fromt eh computer rather than the reflections from it.....
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Thanks for the advice!

vic12345 Great point on mount height! I have a 30 inch stand that could work but may not be high enough. I'll have to do some experimenting with lights, tv angle and mount heights.

crn771 Great point about the tablet! That is a great solution but I as play games and have convinced the Mrs I need a top notch gaming computer so not sure she'll buy turning that off to surf on a tablet... Always worth a try though! smile.gif

yaomizzle Yes great point on the ST60. I would like to compare the two before buying, right now we only have the S60 in stores. What a gorgeous picture on that tv!!! I don't need 3d or a smart computer so would prefer the s60 but clearly to check out the reflection and lighting effects.

Ph8te, I called our local Sams and their electronics guy was unaware of the S64 tv and had no knowledge of whether it would be arriving in the future. Sams only has the 65PS60 tv online which is too big for my area. Good point about line of sight versus reflections. The back of the monitor will face the tv so there should no direct light on the plasma tv.
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The S64 may not show up online, youd have to go into the store to actually get it most likely. for now its a "limited" release so stores may get it and then sel out.....

I wouldnt worry too much about reflections unless you have lighting line of site from teh TV as lights and the computer would most likely induce the same amount of "reflection" in the TV...If youa re on your computer and its facing away, the light from the monitor will msot likely "hide" anything, its when you are watching TV and NOT on the computer you want to make sure its out of line of site wink.gif youll probably see yourself in the TV if its a black screen and lights are on in the background, but other than that I think youll do OK....
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