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Help! Which Klipsch System to Get?

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I am not an audiophile and need help deciding between these two systems that I have a bead on through local Craigslist ads. I've contacted both sellers so I need to make up my mind in the next few days. I have a large basement with 9 foot ceilings and a 70" Aquos on the wall. Currently I am running with Quintet's with a large off brand 15" sub. The Quintets just don't have any midrange so I have my sub crossed over at its highest . I have an older (8 to 10 years?) Onkyo receiver pushing things. I mostly watch movies and do some gaming on the PS3.

Ok here's where I need the help. I am a Klipsch loyalist but have not owned their bigger speaker lines, just the smaller stuff.

1. RF-62ii Series home theater with no sub (guy is keeping it) - $1,600. RC-62 Center and RS-52 Surrounds. The mains have a month of use and the others are still in the box.

2. This is for $1,000 (I may be able to get it for less) and includes a "newer" AVR but not the most up to date:
*Denon AVR-1910 supports DTS and Dolby Digital Sound, 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output, with remote
*2 - Klipsch KM-6 floor standing speakers (this the military release of the KG 5.5's)
*Klipsch "Icon Series" VC-25 center channel speaker
*2 - Klipsch "Icon Series" VT-14 Satellite speakers
*Mirage Omni S-8 sub-woofer
*Monster cables and connectors

So here is my dilema...go "new" and maybe a bit higher end for the RF62ii's for $1,600 or pay almost half of that and get a newer receiver and some older Klipsch (according to the post he bought the mains in 1998). Here's the link: http://appleton.craigslist.org/ele/3742023601.html

Thank you so much for any help from you pros out there. I am absolutely conflicted. I wasn't planning on spending $1,600 when I began my search, but it seems to be a good price - but spending half and getting a great speaker system and an upgraded AVR (my Onkyo doesnt take HDMI - does this Denon handle 1080p?)

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If you decide to go with #1, you can possibly get a brand new set of RF-62 II system from an authorized dealer for about the same price. Also, the 5-year manufacturers warranty is only valid when you buy from an authorized dealer.
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Get in touch with the guys here at the AVSforums store. They have really good deals on Kilpsch and I'm pretty sure they can come close to that in brand new gear.
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Ok thanks for that feedback. I will do that then before I'd pull the trigger on the $1,600. But that still does not answer if the KG 6 (5.5's) are comparable to RF62's.....?? Is it worth an extra $600?
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The KG's are great speakers from what I understand, but I would still go with the RF62's. The main issue you are going to run into is that the system you posted about it piece-parted together with speakers from different lines. I would rather have a system that is completely (sans sub) from the same line of speakers. You will notice a difference between the center and the front two speakers and that will jar you out of the movie experience.
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Thanks Colemad...that is helpful. I am drawn in by the 10" woofers on the KM6's...as opposed to the 6.5" on the RF62ii's.... Given I'm not up on the latest speaker technology, is this an old school thought process of mine? Will the RF62's pound as hard?
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Sorry for the noob question but where is the AVS Store on teh website...poked around and am not seeing it.
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The RF62s will definitely need a subwoofer, and if you are serious about HT gear you are going to want a subwoofer regardless of what speakers you buy. The KGs will definitely provide you with more bass overall, but I think you will find either one lacking without a sub. As far as the store goes just Google AVS Store. It'll be the first thing listed. I'm not going to link to it because I'm not sure if that violates any forum rules. Hope that helps.
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Thanks again. I mentioned it in my first post but I do have an Audiosource 15" sub. So I was struggling with a value comparison between the older KG's (some 15 years old now - but even the really old Chorus and Klipschorn speakers are worth thousands...) and the new RF's...Don't know really if speakers degrade with age or if the new technology in the RF's is worth the extra dough. Thanks Colemad, this upgrade will be with me for at least a decade I'm sure. I don't upgrade and tweak, hence I'd like to make the right call etc...

I'll check out the store now!
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AVS Sore has no complete HT speaker packages - which makes sense to me given this consumer base here. You guys are crazy about this. Adding up the components of the RF 62 HT package there I'm much better off getting the package as well off getting if off Amazon with free shipping.
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Did you actually call them up to get a quote? For contractual reasons, authorized dealers are only allowed to advertise MAP pricing. You will be surprised by the amount of discounts you could actually get over the phone.
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Did you actually call them up to get a quote? For contractual reasons, authorized dealers are only allowed to advertise MAP pricing. You will be surprised by the amount of discounts you could actually get over the phone.

Give me a ring ( on Monday ) or shoot me your shopping list via email, and let me see what I can do! smile.gif
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