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How to hook up Dual PC12-NSD's to the Marantz AV7005

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I just purchased dual PC12-NSD's and need to hook them up to my Marantz AV7005 which has two sub pre outs but not sure the best way to set them up prior to running Audyssey. Any help and directions would be very appreciated.

I suppose I will calibrate the levels of each one manually first but not sure how to set the phase for each and the low pass for each. As well do I hook up the RCA to the right rca line input with just one cable?

Thanks for the help and I'm very excited to finally own an SVS as well as dual subs.
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The LPF on the sub needs to be set to match the performance of your front L/R speakers.

For example, if your front speakers are specified as going from 45 Hz to 20Khz, you would want to set the LPF on the subwoofers to around 50 Hz.

Avoid any large overlap in their operating frequency ranges, because the subwoofers and main speakers will interfere with each other and cause the bass in that overlap range to lack clarity and definition.

The subwoofer should only operate BELOW the frequency range covered by the main speakers.

Setting the phase control is tricky. It requires careful listening to music with enough low bass that you can fine tune it for the clearest sound quality. The volume or gain control needs to be set to levels that seem appropriate when listening.

You only need to run one cable to each subwoofer.

Using the receiver to "calibrate" the subwoofers often does not work very well. I find that using the controls on the subwoofer and listening carefully while you adjust them works best.

Wish I had your handicap...lol.
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You definitely should get an SPL meter if you don't have one already. You need that to set the gain on the back of each sub to match each other.

You might want to read this discussion level matching vs. gain matching and then the Audioholics dual sub setup guide if you haven't already. It is possible to manually generate the frequency response graphs mentioned in the article. Many people do it by hand with Radioshack SPL meters. Or you could buy a calibration mic and learn to use REW. Then there is the XTZ room analyzer if you want something automatic.

As to where to set the crossover on the AVS? No lower than the low frequency roll off of the speakers, but you might want to go higher depending on what sounds better to you. It is often recommended that you go no higher than 80hz since above their, the bass frequencies can become more localizable.

Now, I could be wrong, but if your subs are equidistant from the listening position, then I think they should probably be in phase with each other (verify that). So set the phase on each to zero. Then Audyssey will adjust the timing for the sub output to match it to the rest of the speakers.

Your SVS manual will tell you which RCA input to use on the subs for hooking them up to the LFE output on your receiver.

Finally, you are kind of in the wrong place to ask these questions. AVS has a dedicated subwoofer forum where there are many people with experience with dual subwoofer configuration that can help you.
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