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Antenna selection help in louisiana

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I just bought a house and I'm looking to set it up with OTA HDTV. I did an install in my current home with an antennas direct/ clearstream 5. I've had pretty good results, but loose the CBS channel to the west during mildly storms. (The house I bought is less than a mile from where I live now) I would really like to put my new antenna in my attic. I plan to supply 2 tv's with maybe a third in the future. Can anyone offer me some advice on what antennas, splitters, cables, etc. I should purchase to do this install? Any help would be appreciated. I'm really looking to catch fox(4.1 and/or 29.1) nbc (7.1 and/or 12.2) abc (12.1) pbs (18.1 18.2 & 18.3) and cbs (6.1 and/or 10.1) I currently catch all of these channels except for 10.1. 6.1 is the channel that cuts in and out during a mild storm. My antenna is mounted about 15/18 feet high and is pointed west to southwest. I dont know the exact degrees. Sorry for the rambling, but I'm trying to include all the information I can think of. Thanks for your help!!
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Not sure what 6.1 is, I don't see it on the tvfool chart. But in any event, you need a medium sized VHF/UHF combo antenna like the HBU-22. If you plan on connecting to multple tV's, you are better off mounting the antenna outside so you could possible eliminate the need for an amp, plus you would have a better chance of getting both Fox stations which are about 25 degrees apart.
But you can certainly try in the attic first and see what you get.The antenna should be pointing primarily west. In the link below, the right side of the pic is the front of the antenna and should be pointing west to the towers.
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Sorry.... 6.1 is showing as 25 on the chart. How do I split the antenna to go to the 2 or 3 TV's?
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Where are you located? 6.1 tells me probably in the New Orleans area?
I'm in Covington and have an antenna in my attic, split to 2 TV's and 2 DVR's.

Edit: Nevermind... looking at your TVfool chart you must be in western LA, not SELA . . .
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Originally Posted by karlhodges View Post

Sorry.... 6.1 is showing as 25 on the chart. How do I split the antenna to go to the 2 or 3 TV's?

With a 2 or 3 way splitter. Keep in mind the more you split the signal, the more weaker it gets. Once you get to a point that channels start dropping out, then you need an amp.
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Can I get too strong of an antenna? I'm really thinking about the Antennas Direct DB8E.
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The DB8E is a UHF only antenna. You need a VHF/UHF combo antenna because some of your stations operate on VHF frequencies.

After looking at your chart closer, it appears that you are able to get 2 markets, Beaumont, TX to the West, and Lafayette to the East/Northeast. They are both approx 180 degrees apart from each other, so instead of getting 1 antenna with a rotor and constantly rotating it 180 degrees to watch either market, you can get 2- VHF/UHF antennas fixed on a mast, and point them towards their respective markets. You would need a bigger antenna for Lafeyette like the HBU-33 since its farther away.
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Archie, you posted in the wrong thread. I re-posted the tvfool in your original thread. You can get there by clicking below.

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I am about to order two HBU33 antennas. I want to join the two signals, then split them to two TV's. How do I do this? I don't think I need an amp, but please advise.....
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You can use a dedicated joiner/combiner, but most people use a 2-way splitter in reverse, and it works fine. Then after that point, use a 2 -way splitter to split to tv's in your house.

However, if I were you, I would try to get only 1 HBU33 for now, and see if you can indeed get the LA stations. Otherwise you are going to have to return it. I'm just trying to save you inconvenience. In all likelyhood you probably can get the LA stations. But in the event you can't, then you can use it for the Texas stations. Instead of ordering, does a local radio Shack havee it in stock for pick-up?

Keep in mind you still might need an amp, especially for the LA stations. I would just hook up the antenna to 1 tv, then go from there. If you get channels fine, then hook up combiner and splitter, and if you see stations starting to drop out, then you need an amp.
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Thanks. I'm sure the local Radio Shack has them in stock, but I'll get mine from Amazon with two day shipping. What name brand splitter/combiner do you recommend? There are way too many to choose from.....
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I don't know offhand what brand combiner to suggest. I'm sure someone else can chime in, or if you do a search on this forum, you'll find something.
But Radio Shack should have them as well.
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I just stumbled across this thread. It is a dedicated OTA forum just for your area. You might also want to seek advice there.

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Hi Karl,
I'm in the Covington, LA area and saw your post on AVS ... I'm new to the antenna world, as well as HDTV. I've tried the RCA flat digital antenna and could only pick up two channels (WWL) and even that one was in and out. Could you help me with the type of antenna I may need for our area? I rent half of a double house and am very much surrounded by tall trees.
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Mardi -

You should be able to pick up all of the New Orleans stations if you are in Covington. I get them all with an attic mounted antenna. But if you are actually north of Covington you may need to mount the antenna outside. Karlhodges (the OP) is located around Lake Charles if I'm not mistaken.
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