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Outdoor IP Color Camera

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I'm looking for a recommendation for a good quality but reasonably-priced wired or wireless IP colour outdoor camera that works at night where the image can be viewed through a browser (on a computer, iPhone, iPad, etc). This is for a residential application to see who is at the front door when someone rings the doorbell (audio is going to be provided by the Logenex audio-only Teledoorbell).

I've looked at the Grandstream GXV3672_HD but it seems expensive at $349. I've also looked at the Foscam FI9802W H.264 Megapixel Outdoor Wireless IP Camera at $200 but some reviews on Amazon are pretty bad (and the ones that are good seem to be all written by the same person but always thanking a different person at Foscam for their technical support, lol)

Any recommendations?
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I have three of the Foscam devices, and they're acceptable for cheap network-enabled VGA cameras (they've also survived 2 Seattle winters in an exposed location). They aren't great in low light and can struggle with bright sunlight and shadow, but they're perfectly usable for basic monitoring.

For my next system, I'm planning on installing the Ubiquiti products. I've used their APs and they're easily some of the best networking gear I've found, and at a very good price point ($99 for 720p). I've also heard good things about y-cam, both available on Amazon.

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Thanks. The Aircam looks like great value for the price of $100 each for 720p outdoor/indoor. Some online reviews complain about the picture quality and software, but coming from nothing I am sure I'll be happy with the picture. Also, some say just to get Blue Iris software if one doesn't like the software that comes with it. But, it seems it does not have night vision capability which may not be an issue if the motion detector turns on the front door light when someone approaches. But, given it's so inexpensive and I already have cat-5 wired to the outside of the back of the house it would be nice to have another one pointed at the backyard and for that one night-vision capability would be good.

The y-cams sounds good too especially since it does not need a computer to operate but pretty pricey for the outdoor Bullet non-HD one at over $300.
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Thanks. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I live in Toronto, Canada and that deal is not available up here. I could get them when I am in Buffalo, NY next, but if I don't like them it's inconvenient to return them to Costco US. I think likely I'd rather spend $100 or so on either the Foscam or Uqibuiti Aircam ones and just bite the bullet if I don't like it rather than be stuck with spending more money.
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