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Compact Zoom Cameras for Video

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Panasonic ZS30 (TZ40) versus Sony Hx50v

Both are wifi-implemented compact zooms with small sensors packed with pixels and full manual mode for stills.

There are dedicated threads for each, but here we can compare features and performance relevant for video, starting with video specs (since that is really all we have right now for the Sony):

These are the HD video mode options for the Sony:

AVCHD 60i/60p: 28M PS (1,920x1,080/60p) / 24M FX / 17M FH (1,920x1,080/60i) / 9M HQ (1,440x1,080/60i), MP4: 12M (1,440x1,080/30fps) / 6M (1,280x720/30fps) / 3M

Note the .MP4 option is not 1920x1080 and has a low bitrate

These are the HD video mode options for the Panasonic:

1,920 x 1,080 pixels :
AVCHD, 60p (FHD: 28Mbps)AVCHD, 60i (FHD: 17Mbps)
MP4, 30fps (FHD: 20Mbps)

1,280 x 720 pixels:
AVCHD, 60p (HD: 17Mbps)
MP4, 30fps (HD: 10Mbps)

1,280 x 720 pixels:
MP4, 120fps (HD)

So both offer 108060p at 28 Mbps, but the Panasonic offers a true 72060p and a good 108030p MP4 at a high bitrate.

And the Panasonic offers 720p at 120fps.

Another difference relevant to video: the Panasonic has a touch screen, allowing easy spot and rack focus (change in focus spot while shooting).

Another possible difference: the ZS30 has an iris (it is touted by Panasonic as giving good bokeh). It is not clear the Hx50 has one - (the Hx9v did not).

Another difference: the Sony has the capability of using an external mic, although it is proprietary for now. And a longer zoom.
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Good comparison. If I was buying to replace my HX9V (and I'm not unless it breaks) the Panasonic might appeal to me because of the touch screen focus. Since both do 1080p60, the other settings don't matter to me.
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I agree with the conservative approach - the Sony Hx9V was the game changer for video. These new ones are improvements, but in essential video quality (at 108060p), there is not much difference.
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My HX9V did break once. I bought it at Best Buy with an extended warranty. I never buy extended warranties, but my granddaughters were going to use it. The Best Buy warranty included "drop protection". One day on a trip, I got it out and it started flashing an error message. Best Buy sent it off to a Sony repair shop in Texas. It came back a week later working perfectly. Should it fail again, I will be shopping to replace it. It seems my habits include enjoying and using a pocket, stabilized HD video camera.
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A pocket, stabilized HD video camera is the cutting edge. Big sensors are so Twentieth Century!
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Awesome, I own the HX9V, and HX20V. Comes out Last day in May Lol. pre orders accepted, Man I am holding HOLDING not to press the order button,

30X optical zoom, view finder, and ext mic, I no longer have to carry around the ggs view finder I adapted.

450 for cam
160 for mic
no price found for evf

after I get done I be broke 700.00

The cam has one great feature I like connection to your phone.

What is super important to me is hooking the cam up to AC and using external power other than plugging to the wall, which is NO.

Touchscreen is nice but happy they did not have it in here.

the down side is the LCD screens break to easy, be careful not to drop, WIshed they made it like the Phones.

Awesome camera no questions. now to again stop myself why I need this?
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