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Time to upgrade my PB6200! 2D projector advice requested for an under 3k budget

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About 8 years ago I came to you guys asking for advice choosing my first projector, and came away with the PB6200. It was amazing. It blew everyone away that saw it, and it looked even better when I upgraded the screen to a 90" widescreen.

It did of course have its problems; dust buildup inside the projector required cleaning every now and then, and the bulb seemed to dim faster than I expected. Still, I loved that projector, and was very disappointed when I moved into an apartment and wasn't able to bring it along.

Now the time has come to look at getting back into the game. I am taking posession of a new house, with a basement that I think will be great for a Home Theatre/Entertainment room. The seating will be about 12' away, and the drop ceiling is about 7.5' high. Light is fairly well controlled, but not 100%. The ceiling and carpet is white, and the walls are a light tan. I dont think i can do anything about the ceiling or walls, but maybe a dark area rug would work to darken up the carpet if necessary. (Is an area rug over carpet something normal people even do? )

I am tentatively planning to go with an Elunevision Reference Studio 4K white fixed Frame screen at 1.0 gain. Until I move in and start doing the exact dimensions of the basement I won't know exactly how big to go, but I am thinking about 100" - 120". If anyone has any opinions about the screen I'd appreciate it.

As for the actual projector, I was looking at 3 models which seem to be pretty popular around here. The BenQ W1070, the BenQ W7000 and the Panasonic PT-AE8000. I've read through the threads that mention them and all of them seem quality. I am not sure if they are the best choices for my needs though, so I'd love some thoughts.

I will mainly be using the projector for video gaming, along with HD TV shows and movies, exclusively in 2D. My family and friends aren't interested in 3D at all, and I'd hate to shell out the cash for options that would never be used. For that reason I was hoping you all had some thoughts about helping me choose a good projector for 2D viewing. It might happen that the best projector for 2D also has 3D capabilities, and that doesn't bother me, I'd just prefer to buy a projector that makes 2D a priority.

I'd like to spend about 1500-2000, but I dont mind going up to 3k for something special.
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Wow! That was my old baby from 2005? Swapped about a dozen models since then,

I've gone to the dark side, JVC and Sony, no LCD for me. BenQ is a good model based on all the reviews, but I do see rainbows, so DLP would not work for me.

If I had sold my Sony VW85, I would have gotten a JVC B-stock 3D projector from our forum sponsor for your budget. Last time I bought the RS2 from AVS, I was thrilled by the picture and value.

Check out the Sony also, but I'm not sure if there is any B-stock or new one in your price point, other than HW30.

Have fun shopping.
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The low ceiling may be an issue for the 1070 and a 120" screen size your looking at, maybe one at 106" would work. I think the Panny would be a nice choice of the three, but you may need to drop the screen size down to around 110" depending on how far back you can place it. You didn't mention the distance of the room from the back wall to the screen wall? You may also want to consider a little higher gain screen, maybe 1.3 to maintain brightness as the lamp dims? The Benq 7000 would be brighter, but I'm not sure what the gaming lag might be, but being dlp it might be as good or better than the Panny? Check the numbers if you can find some.
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Thanks for the responses guys! You're right, I hadn't mentioned how far back the projector could go. The rec room in the basement runs the width of the house, so placing it as far back at 25' wouldn't be a problem. I'd like to mount it roughly in the middle of the room though, so around 13 or 14' would be my preference.

I thought I had pretty much decided to go with the Panny 8000, but after checking out your link I read quite a few comparisons between it and various other projectors. It really sounds like the Epson 5020 is a slightly better choice for me.

You had a good point with the screen size too, so I'm thinking a 108" screen would be the best way to go.

Thanks for the advice guys, I think its time to pull the trigger on it!
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The 5020 is nice, but consider that the gaming lag might be more noticeable, especially for the more competitive FPS type games. Some people haven't had an issue with the lag, but since you mentioned that was a main purpose, I didn't mention it as a possibility. You might want to look into that a little more?
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