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My story about TCP-50GT50

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I got my new 50GT about 2 weeks ago and after 8 days the plasma went out. I purchased the TV from best buy on discount for a very good deal and was breaking the TV in before this happened. My wife was at home watching a show heard a very loud pop and received the 7 blinking lights. She called panasonic right away and opened a case number and a tech was scheduled. Later when I got home I was inspecting what had happened and notices a 3 x 3.5 inch spider web crack in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and called panasonic back and added more info o the case number.

At this point I didn't think I was going to get my TV fixed or even replaced. I did a few google searches and that is what led me to AVS, which was a pleasant surprise. Later that evening we received a call from the tech who was coming out, he begins to explain that panasonic will not replaced damaged screens. I told the tech the sound my wife heard sounded like a capacitor exploding. After going back and forth for a minute or two he asked to see pics of the crack. We sent him the pics and waited for a call back.

Monday rolled around and the tech called us back, after looking through the pics and sending them to I believe an tech. Both agreed this was a defective unit and will be sending out a new TV! The best part is since the GT was from 2012 and no longer made so they upgraded our TV to a VT 55 inch model. I could not find the words to explain the relief and excitement I felt when we were told. I have to say this is my 2nd plasma from panasonic and they have won me over for good.

Heres a pic

I guess my only question is the model he said we would get isn't even out which is the VT60 but not worried about that we will see what happens in 12 days. I will keep you guys posted.

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55VT60 in replacement? That's awesome. They did well by you.
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Interesting. Your crack looks very much like the crack made when my daughter threw a hard/heavy plastic ball at the screen...
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How large was that crack?

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Re: My story about TCP-50GT50 UPDATE!!!

We have a new tv mu6e3yby.jpg

I haven't seen this model before anyone have any tips?
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Wow, this is in stark contrast to the dozens and dozens of Samsung owners who posted here that their TV spontaneously cracked while just watching TV just like your Panasonic did, but Samsung blames the owners for causing the damage and denies warranty repair even though it's industry knowledge that internal components located behind the panel can fail and blow with enough force to crack the panel from behind.
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