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DSX 11.2 CIH theater build - Page 2

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I have a contractor coming to help accelerate some of the framing, drywall and drop ceiling.

I remain hung up on the wides/heights or just 7.2 with good acoustic absorption/diffusion in the right places. I do not like direct localized sound so Shawn at the Erskine group is going to get a shot at convincing me I only need 7.2 and the right layout/acoustics for amazing immersion.

My equipment has been sourced as follows:

Marantz Av8801 preamp
Mcintosh MC275 VI tube for front L&R
Mcintosh MC205 for center and surrounds
Oppo 105 - digital source
JA Mitchell Gyrodec SEduction turntable - Analog source
3 Sonus faber Venere 3.0 matched LCR speakers
4 sonous faber Venere walls or 4 PSB imagine S Dipoles (ordered both, will try and see)
2 SVS SB13 Ultra sealed subs
Sony HW50ES projector
Panamorph UH480 lens and ATH1 motorized slide
Center Stage XD 158" 2:35 to 1 AT Screen
Palliser Bullet Chairs
Either Audioquest or Kimble Kables

Exciting times, I got about 2 months left to get it all together! And a 2nd baby on the way in August!
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I'm sorry but besides the chick above with all those tattoos and questionable morals, this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I will be building a custom shelf in under the screen where a center channel normally goes and placing this in prime time as my speakers are all behind the screen. Putting this in a rack in the corner is blasphemy. As a side benefit, I will have a much shorter cable run to my L&R speakers.

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I have to admit that I also enjoy the looks of a nice tube amp, but I'd disagree with putting it at the front of the room. Setting those under the screen would just be distracting to me. When I look at a screen wall all I want to see is the image; everything else should be black.
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Point taken, now I don't know where to put this thing as it won't fit in the rack and can't go on top of the rack.
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Here's a kind of different thought. If you've got enough room back there you could put them behind your AT screen. You'd just need to have easy access to them. Maybe something like a flip up panel under the screen. That way you'd still have short speaker cable runs.
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Put it up front with a dimmable glass panel in front (with care to ensure proper cooling). Movie playing, glass becomes opaque. Only music or nothing playing, glass becomes clear.
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Well it's subwoofer buying time. Question for the group: 2 SVS SB13s or 2 Seaton Submerssive F2s? Which is a better match for my room/speakers with 50/50 HT/music?
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Originally Posted by BIGmouthinDC View Post

you've had a 100 views in less than 24 hours, we can get that number up if you post pictures of hot babes.

Lol. Solid advice ^
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Construction is moving now! Got most of the framing and drywall done. I built the supports for the 140"w center stage XD AT screen hanging from the ceiling, Chris's support is awesome from Seymour AV. All is starting to come together now...

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I had the structural engineer out also ensuring everything was erected properly...everything was just fine...just fine indeed.

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I've enjoyed reading the 11.2 debate in this thread.

May I ask is the issues with DSX and not with say DTS Neox- or is it more about extra speakers with 11.2 ?

Is 7.2 just better ?
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I have gotten so many conflicting opinions about 11.2 vs 7.2, about dipole surrounds vs monopole surround, etc. etc. etc. It's all personal preference, there is no right and wrong on many of these despite what some may say.

The best advice I got was to try everything in my home, so I decided to order the 9 Faber Veneres, 4 psb imagine S dipoles and 2 SVS sb13 ultra subs and maybe 2 Seaton F2(depending on in home trial). That way I can try everything in every combination and return what I don't like. I may end up with 11.2 or 7.2, dipoles or monopoles, I may end up with my projector calibrator...

I am going to audition in home for many hours to find out. Many, many hours...
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