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Alpha-12 vs Fusion-15?

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Sorry if this has been posted before. I did a couple searches and didn't really find anything.

I currently have an Eton S7 kit. I had Madisound create a crossover/cabinet design for a MTM version, thinking that I would build these to fill out my HT. However, it makes me nervous that I'd be the only one to have ever built them.

Given how easy it is to assemble the flat packs I'm seriously considering replacing the S7's with some SEOS kits and filling out the HT with them instead. Plus, there are actual build threads/reviews on these, which makes me feel better about it.

If it matters, I currently have one of EricH's flat packs assembled and waiting for a UXL-18 to arrive. I plan on having 2-3 more of them in the future (powered by 1-2 CV5000's).

Anyways- Any thoughts on the Alpha-12 vs the Fusion-15? They've very similar in price.
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Well, one is larger than the other, if that matters. They both have a different look because of the driver sizes. I personally prefer the look of the smaller woofer, but others like the massiveness of the larger woofer. In general I think the fusion 15 will have an edge on output.

Otherwise I'm not sure they're very different.
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if you are running with subs the difference will be minimal. i have the Fusion 12 and have heard the 15s if you are running fill range the 15s will have more output but not by a lot
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I definitely will be running with at least one sub, and up to as many as 4. With that in mind, I guess the Alpha-12 is the way to go?

The only question I have now is- would it be a downgrade, upgrade, or side step from the SQ of the S7 kit? I know that's an impossible question, as there probably isn't anyone who has heard both.
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if using a sub, also keep the Fusion Tempest in mind
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Originally Posted by brian6751 View Post

if using a sub, also keep the Fusion Tempest in mind

I looked at it, but gravitated towards the Alpha-12 and Fusion-15 for the more expensive woofers.
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