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For Sale: Conrad Johnson CA-200 Control Amp *REDUCED*

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For Sale:
Conrad Johnson CA-200 Control Amp *REDUCED*

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So...if you know me around the boards (and there's plenty of evidence), you know I'm a guy who thinks of being an "audiophile" as a verb...lol. I try gear I think I'll like; some of it works out, some doesn't...but I'm still glad to have heard it and lived the experience. The things I like stick...but when something captures my fancy, I believe there's nothing wrong with some healthy competition; and I'll stack 2 pieces against each other (sometimes 3 wink.gif)...and let them shoot it out.

Point is...nothing stays with me for very long; but this unit has lasted as long as about anything. Obviously, I've tried lots of gear; the ABCs really. Audio Research, BAT, Belles, Conrad Johnson separates...and more. This is the BEST "IA" I have ever heard; the amp that made my system sound the best, period!

As I said...even though I've tried lots of brands, and no one is entirely safe; I've had plenty of C-J kit come through my room. I had an ET-3 pre-amp...which was just an absolute knock-out; mated with various SS amps (including some C-J SS). I still like this all-in-one better!

And why shouldn't I? It's basically a highly touted Premiere 18LS line-stage...mated to a 185-watt version, of the Premiere 350; C-Js absolutely legendary SS power-amp. What's more...is the reason it's called a Control Amp...and not really an Integrated, as most people think of them...is there's not the typical pre-amplifier gain section to muddy things up.

I'll spare all the casual readers, the platitudes and specifics, about how this unit sounds. If you want to know more...if it'll work with your system, your speakers; how's the bass, how's the sound-stage, etc. Just PM me, and I'll be happy to talk some shop.

As for the condition, well...

Again, I'm a guy who knows his way around buying used gear. I (usually) buy smart, and only get the best. Sure...that involves a certain shrewdness; but sometimes you just get lucky. That's what I got with this CA-200. Like me...the seller kind of under-promised, over-delivered; this guy is FLAWLESS!

If you want one (and the CA-200 is pretty well-heeled in the "audiophile" community; everyone should try this unit, as least for a spell)...you won't find one, in better shape. The pics speak for themselves. No small, fuzzy shots needed here...lol; clear and close-up, shows there's nothing to hide on this unit.

I have plenty of posts, and people know me here; plus, regular and perfect feedback on Audiogon, eBay, etc. Buyer to pay only actual, and reasonable s&h; PayPal...a necessary evil, and we'll work something out. Thanks for looking. Maybe you shouldn't buy it; I know I'll miss it...lol. A tube IA (my first), has captured my interest du jour; that's the only reason I'm parting with it. Give it a good home.
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I posted 6 pics; but AVS seems to have lost 4 of them (I've heard about that before). So I'll post my own; thanks.

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Last call...before this beauty goes to the gen pop of Audiogon. wink.gif
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Misleading "Will ship to:".
Please don't state"Anywhere" if you don't mean it.
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Originally Posted by cromodora View Post

Misleading "Will ship to:".
Please don't state"Anywhere" if you don't mean it.

Sorry; there was no option for...will consider, shipping anywhere.
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