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Show Me Your Structured Wiring

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I know there's a 'Show me your Rack' thread, but is there a similar one for pictures of people's wiring boxes?

I'm debating how I want to terminate and connect all my whole house wiring. I've got a decent amount of room for this in the new house. I'm leaning toward setting up a row of tall boxes and cross-connecting them.

Seeing a few examples of how others have done it would be enlightening.
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This is a GIS of cocoontech, for 'enclosure'.


Might give you some ideas.

I like the use of slotted wiring duct, inside the enclosure, but requires a great deal of planning. This is NOT mine:

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Here are mine (you can see my whole write up on my process of my "closet" here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1470115/my-home-theater-rack-and-equipment-room):

Here is the back. I have 3 42" tall Leviton Enclorues. They have 4 2" conduits running between them (drilled through the studs; Non load bearing wall)

Here is the front of them (pre-drywall with mud covers on them)

Here you can actually start to see my wiring. I haven't completed this stage yet because for the most part all of my equipment lives in that closet, but I want to have jacks in rooms anyways just in case. The first one here is my network/phone box. The Modem's RG6 cables comes from the middle box over through one of the conduits and if you look closely at the bottom of the 2 boxes, you'll see wires passing through them.

This is my middle box. It will be for some of the A/V distribution (whatever doesn't go into the rack).

The final one I was going to use for whole house audio (just a bunch of speaker jacks) as well as a pass through to the 3 8-gang wall plated (patch panels) below this third one (for getting stuff to the rack like HDMI, Speaker wires, etc).

This is the patch panels I was just talking about:

I did a lot more (especially in the power distribution part of my closet) that allows me to keep visible cable mess to a minimum. I'm hoping to free up some time soon to get the actual SMCs wired up properly and get the rest of the runs going. We are expecting a baby in Sept, so I've been preparing for that, which obviously takes precedence (but at the same time, it would be nice to have all this done before then!).

I'd be happy to answer any questions about my setup here, or in my build thread for my closet smile.gif
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I'm going to start with this picture. Will be adding more with info.

Starting at the top:

1: 48 Port Patch Panel.
2: Shelf: Cable Modem + Buffalo NAS - Both will be moving shortly.
3: 24 Port POE switch (Not shown in rack at time of picture)
4: 24 Port gig switch
5 - 6: Power distribution
7: Speaker Patch Panel
8: Unraid Server
9 - 11: XBMC media servers
12: 4 X 4 HDMI matrix
13: 8 speaker selector
14: Network Receiver 1
15 Receiver 2

Equipment not on rack:
1: Elk M1 Gold
2: Elk Ethernet bridge
3: ISY 99i
4: Ethernet Router - Had to move out of room because its also my wireless and its a concrete space. (Low signal) Might build a new router this year and rack mount it with antennas to house area. I also want VPN capability. Vyatta looks good.

Additions soon this sping:
1: 1500 Watt UPS
2: Niles SI-1650 - 12 channel audio amp

I'll get more shots of all the wires since this is what this thread is about.
All my wires are color coded.
Blue = Data
Red = HDMI
Yellow = POE - for VOIP phone and cameras
Orange = USB
White = Audio / Speaker Wire
White Ethernet Phone - for my ooma and alarm.

What a mess. smile.gif What do you think?
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