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Best 5.1 system

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Hello and sorry for the long post , my max budget is 2100$ including shipping.

I want a good 5.1 theater system : 50% games , 30% music and 20% movies ...
hearing metal mostly , Rock and even a bit of other genres .
i will connect it to my Pc, xbox360 ,(phone ,tab) and monitor .(tv I'm getting later)

Room Specs:My room is very small between 4x4x4 and 6x6x6 Meters (its not accurate but its close) its box shaped and even and contains marble flooring (will probably have echoes and what not)
i will have the room treated with curtains and furniture .

What i want : was thinking about the pioneer sp-pk52fs( 1 pair floor and 1 pair bookshelf's and the center) @ 6-ohms without the pioneer sub and replacing it with a bic pl-200 @8-ohms acoustech subwoofer and an onkyo tx-nr818 as the receiver.

What i expect : Warm sound , Precise and responsive bass(tight) and i like my base a bit overpowering the other frequencies hence going with the pl-200. (yes i know that the pioneers are a bit harsh from reviews)

Q1: can the 818 handle the speakers or is it too much? ( i don't fully grasp the RMS vs PEAK )
Q2: Im open to suggestions to change speakers/amp/sub if i understood the benefit .
Q3:can i have my speakers @ 6 ohm and my sub @ 8 ohm using the 818?
Q4:wondering if the sub will overpower by too much (it has volume control so it isn't a problem i think)
***just keep in mind i will be shipping them to saudi arabia which will cost about 660$ (I'm ok with it)

Sad thing is ... i am buying these without even trying them because they aren't being sold here mad.gif .

my old set is a sony stereo unit and a logitech z906 .(not even worth mentioning)

hope u guys hit me fast , I'm planning to buy it fast due to shipping delays .
thanks in advance.smile.gif
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the specs for 818 onkyo
230watt ,1khz ,1 channel driven JEITA @ 6OHM
180watt ,1khz,1channel driven IEC @6OHM
Dynamic power isn't specified for 6 ohm (150 watt @ 8OHM)
Impedance 6-16 OHM or 4-16 OHM
damping factor 60 , front ,1khz, 8ohm
power supply :720 watt

pioneer speakrs
tower( floor standing ) : 6ohm , 87db sensitivity , Maximum power input 130 watt.
center: 6ohm , 88db sensitivity , Maximum power input 90 watt.
surround: 6ohm , 85db sensitivity , Maximum power input 80 watt.

Pl-200 bic acoustech subwoofer (12'')
1000 watt peak power
250 RMS watt
to my knowledge it doesn't matter because its active (the amp will give signal but no power)
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The 818 can handle the Pioneer speakers just fine, they won't have any problems with each other. The sub's impedance won't affect the receiver at all, because the sub is using its own amplifier. It isn't being powered by the receiver. The sub isn't going to be overpowering the speakers, you don't have to worry about that either. Check if this equipment is compatible with your country's voltage and plug/socket standards, you may also need to get adapters as well.
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As far as Peak watts vs RMS.

RMS is what the Subwoofer normally can handle. You don't want to feed it more power than this on a continual basis because that could damage the sub.

Peak Watts are what the sub can handle in bursts. This is important during certain points in an audio track when there is a spike in the audio. Good examples are explosions in an action movie or a drum cresendo during an orchestral movement.
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Thank you very much shadyJ , thank you very much nusoardgraphite . btw i didnt expect an answer that fast. Last moment thought if i raise the volume to max , its not going to burn/blow the speakers?
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If you are going to purchase before listening be prepared to be unhappy with your purchase. Just saying....

The pioneers sound great, but sibilance was really prevalent especially on movie watching, I had to return mine. I will no longer recommend any speakers that I have personally not heard myself. Do not trust reviews, trust your own ears.
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I agree 100% but i can not test them here. And the options are limited , what should i do?
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Speakers being sold here are HTIBs and i hate their subs , yamaha speakers ( very harsh and expensive also the sub is bad). Bose (mediocre quality for music and a bad sub) , jamo ( too expensive i didnt try them out 1200$ a pair) and the onkyo speakers
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