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Samsung HDTV, Subtle "Flicker"?

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I have a Samsung 40D5003 LED HDTV. Recently I have, in the last while really become conscious of a "flicker". I am not really sure if that is the correct term for the effect. It becomes incredibly noticeable when the back-light is reduced. As such I have the back light right up to the highest setting (20), but even still it can be obvious in certain scenes, through all sources & I find really distracting.

What is causing this? Is there a way to fix it?

Also I have all the "Eco" settings turned off.
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Also, if I enable "LED Motion Plus" this flicker goes away. But it also dims the screen quite a bit.

What exactly is "LED Motion Plus" doing?
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For your answers just Google PWM flickering,

As for motion smoothing, google "blur busters" explains everything . Samsung uses the same technology I think
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Sorry to bump this up, but having finally tried to check this out again, I still don't really understand how or why I can see this flicker. It's very subtle, but I still find it painfully irritating. All I want to know is... can I do anything I can do to fix it or am I stuck with it?

Of course I can turn on "LED Motion Plus" but as I said above it dims the screen significantly.
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Similar flickering issue on a 2007 model. Purchased 2009. Issue started two years later. Solution are 2. One, press tv/dtv , see p1 on left upper blue screen, then press menu on remote. Scroll to reset in picture mode. Do this reset several times. Problem occurred again a year later, and same solution worked again.
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