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RCA Audio Output vs Digital Audio Output

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Which DA converter do you think is better, the one in the TV or the one in the sound bar?
TV - Sharp Aquos LC-C3234C
Bar - VIZIO SB4020M-A0
I'm hooking this up for my hard of hearing aunt. Only the clarity and loudness of voices are important. I may increase the treble and reduce the bass to minimize sounds that could dround out voices.
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What exactly are you asking? How you should hook up the TV to the soundbar so your aunt can hear? If her TV has an RCA audio output, I would try that and see if she likes it. Based on my experience and what's included in the box, that's where I would start. My mother has a similar setup and it works well for her.
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If you route audio through the T.V, then your Aunt doesn't have to worry about changing inputs on the Vizio to get sound with her picture if she goes from cable to blu-ray. The only issue is if the Vizio sound bar wants to do something fancy with a 5.1 sound signal, since most T.Vs only output audio in stereo (digital and analog).

My sound bar is 2.1, and I have everything going through my T.V because that's fewer cables, and fewer inputs to change when going between devices (although, I only have 2 devices hooked up). Also, if you have two speakers, you might as well have a less compressed audio signal rather than a more compressed 5.1 audio signal that your speakers then have to downmix to send through two speakers.

As for analog (RCA) vs digital, I think audio is noticeably better with digital on my sound bar (less hissing, less distortion). However, that could be due to any number of things, and you could very well not even notice a difference between the two.
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Thank you, Doctego and nr5667. Between my aunt and 82 year old parents, I've been without internet and fixing old people drama. I'll try RCA first and go digital later if necessary.
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