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List of games with lefty function

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I need a list of games that support left handed gaming, i.e. games with a lefty function
It would be cool also with a list of upcoming games for left handers
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Games aren't specifically right or left handed.

What sort of options would you want to give us an idea of what you're looking for? Since the controller itself is set in stone and nothing is going to swap the physical positions of the buttons, I can't think of much that could be done.

I suppose the movement & aiming functions could be swapped for a first person shooter so the right stick moves and the left aims? But I don't see why anyone would want that. Same with movement and camera controls being swapped in other genres or ignoring the left analog or d-pad entirely and just using the right analog.

Ironically, many classic gamers consider gamepads to be almost designed for lefties. Early arcade games before the early 1980's and home consoles before the NES usually relied on using your right hand for movement functions. Despite a gamepad being a completely different type of game controller, using their left hand for movement still gives a small minority issues these days if you visit somewhere like the AtariAge forums.

To me, the left analog stick, d-pad, and left trigger and bumper are just as important as the control functions on the right hand side. So at least for my hands (I'm right handed), I don't see any preference beyond wanting it to stay to what I've grown used to.
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Games like Crysis 3 and Bulletstorm have the lefty function (that you can change in the Controller menu)
Right handers have it so easy, you don't even know wink.gif
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What's the lefty function remap? A swap for the functions of the two analog sticks for the first person genre?

I actually think right-handers are at a very minor disadvantage if anything. The single most important control in virtually every game is what we're traditionally been using our left thumb to control since the mid 1980's. And that's not on our dominant hand. With a symmetrical gamepad with frequently used controls on both sides of the gamepad, I personally don't see an issue.

While I'm still puzzled just what a leftie option would do via remapping and can't imagine any difficulty with a gamepad if the directional inputs had traditionally been placed on the right hand side instead of the left (I certainly couldn't retrain myself at this point though), I certainly hope you get some suggestions.

I'd help since I've likely encountered options for what you want without realizing it, but I'm still not quite sure just what you're looking for via remapping since in my head it can't get more adept for left handers than it already is with the analog stick and d-pad being placed on the left hand side of the gamepad.
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I'm left handed but when it comes to 360 and PS3 games I find that the default mapping that most games use - left analog stick for movement and right stick for camera control works perfectly well for me.

The only system I ever had trouble with was the Wii as I preferred to hold the Wiimote in my left hand but nearly all games assumed that it was being held in the right hand (waving the Wiimote around accurately with your right hand can be really tough for a lefty). I also never felt comfortable with the nunchuck as I always preferred one controller cradled in both hands than separate devices in each hand.

I would also imagine this would be an issue with games like Rock Band or Guitarsmith as it would feel more natural for me to hold the neck of the guitar in my right hand.
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All I can say is that I can't do it unless the sticks are reversed (and then not that well)
My coordination really sucks in other areas as well, what can I say... but my aim is true with keyboard/mouse on PC
Back on topic... is there such a list, because I can't find it?
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but don't you use the mouse in your right hand? i find most lefties still use the mouse in the right hand even though they're left-handed especially if they were long-time computer users. because if you used mice in the mid to late 80s, the OS hadn't evolved enough to easily allow both left-handed and right-handed use so it forced everyone to use it righty style. nowadays, the operating systems have so many options that it's not an issue and people can grow up using the mouse in the left hand easily.

the reason the left stick in a dual stick setup is for movement is because that's how most gamers are raised since the days of the NES.

previous to the NES days, you would control the joystick with your right hand because most people are right-handed. The arcades got around the problem by putting the stick in the middle and redundant buttons on either side of the joystick. If you bought an Epyx 500XJ joystick, which can only be held in the left hand due to its contoured base and had you control the stick with the right hand, the box and instructions said "For right-handed use only."

the NES and other Japanese machines got everyone to use the left hand to control movement and it's been that way ever since.

that said, a lot of games have the option to move movement to the right stick. it's mostly XBLA games that have lesser choices in remapping the controls.
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That's a negative to mouse in right hand... then I would be right handed, no?
Mouse for look/aim/shoot/zoom, keys on right side of keyboard for everything else
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I'm confused. The buttons can't be moved, so the right hand has to continue doing that job. The left hand being dominant, you'd do all the left-related things more reliably anyway. PERHAPS your left trigger finger is stronger, but what else makes you think a left-handed controller remap would be better?...
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Halo CEA
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"I would also imagine this would be an issue with games like Rock Band or Guitarsmith as it would feel more natural for me to hold the neck of the guitar in my right hand."

The majority of lefties play guitar in a right-hand fashion. They just fret like nobody's business, with lesser skill in picking. A smart lefty guitarist will use that to their advantage and write impressively fret-heavy work.

As to the original topic, the commonly used term in gaming for what you are looking for is a "southpaw" setting, in which the left and right sticks are swapped in function. Sometimes the top triggers are as well, but not as commonly. In your 360 settings under Profile > Game Defaults > Action > Movement you can change between Left Stick and Right Stick. Games should look to this and adjust automatically. "Should" is the key word there though. Across the board games pay attention to my Inverted Y setting with a 95% reliability, but I would not be surprised if that percentage is lower for the Movement setting.

In short, you are not looking for a list of games that support Southpaw. You just need to set your 360 up correctly.

Really though, the choice between left stick and right stick for movement and look is pretty arbitrary. They both require fine motor control. In the long run your better option really is to just learn the default so that you can play the greatest range of games without issue.
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