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Receiver Decision Under $700

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Need advice on with receiver. I have narrowed down my options to the following:

Onkyo TX-NR717 $599

Pioneer VSX-70 $649

DENON AVR-3312CI $599

Harman Kardon AVR 3650 $649

I will be paring the receiver up with either PSB Image speakers or HTD Level 3 speakers.

Two questions... Are either of those receivers the best bang for my buck? and Is there better option under $700?
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Best bang for your buck would be the Pioneer SC-1522 at Costco for $599. This is a $1200-$1600 9.2 receiver with a better amp section than the VSX-70.


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I've already called about the Pioneer SC-1522, and the closest Costco that has it is 250 miles away from me. The only thing about the Pioneer SC-1522, I lose the 4K ability. I am trying to buy for the present and the future...
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Well if the 4K scaling is that important you better drop the HK 3650 from your list.

Considering you'd have to buy a new 4K TV, 4K Blu Ray player, upgrade your cable/sat box to 4K if one supports it, etc. I'm not sure how valuable 4K is at this point.
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At some point I will probably upgrade to 4K. I understand that I will have to get a new TV and Blu Ray. But that would still beat having to get a TV, Blu Ray, and a new receiver. Any opinions on what is the best option from the choices above (minus the HK3650), or another recommendation.
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Have you looked at the Onkyo TX-NR818? Brand new receivers for $799 and $699 for an open box like-new on Amazon sold by OneCall.
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I'd probably get the Denon 3312 since it has better room correction (Audyssey MultEQ XT) than the other two plus it has a full set of preouts so that you can connect an external amp if you ever need more power.

Or the Onkyo NR818 open box from OneCall since it has Audyssey XT32.
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Or this Onkyo NR809 which has Audyssey MultEQ XT and 4K upscaling for $519
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How important is it to have THX certification?
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You don't see THX certified recievers much anymore, that was a marketing gimmick anyway. Most any current reciever would pass THX requirements though.
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Okay thanks. Looks like I have narrowed down to either the Denon AVR-2113CI, Denon AVR -2313CI, and there is still something out the Pioneer VSX 70 that stays in the picture.
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you went from the 3312 to the 2113 or 2313, why is that?
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Mainly price. The 3312 was display unit, and I didn't really feel comfortable ordering a display unit without seeing first. Also I found the 2313 on sale for $599, so I pulled the trigger and placed the order.
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