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Niro HPS1000 soundbar

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Does anyone have any experience with the Niro sound bars? How do they stack up in the modern day context? Read reviews for the older systems but none for the newer products.

I'm moving to a new place and will be playing a mix of music and movies.

Would you guys have any specific recommendations for my needs?

Thanks in advance guys.

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Does no one have any idea on these systems?

I noticed there was plenty of noise with regards to the Niro systems in the past but all the buzz has died down..

Any reasons why, guys?
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Sorry. I have been around here for about 6 months and I have never heard of this soundbar.
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www.niro1.com is the website.
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Funny, I have heard about this. I knew some people that heard one and thought it was absolutely spectacular.
I have always wanted to hear one..
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I am really considering getting one. Is the lack of hdmi inputs and outputs going to be an issue you guys reckon?

I plan to place this in my living room that will have a glass wall on one side and the other side will be open and leading to the kitchen.

I'm assuming this setup would be terrible for the systems that really on bouncing off walls to create surround sound aka yamaha ysp series.
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