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How to combine TV and curved 2.35:1 screen

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After moving to a new appartment i dont have a dedicated room for my movie watching, all i have is the livingroom. Now the problem is that i have a 65" samsung led but now i have a projector and anamorphic lens just collecting dust. My former curved and framed 2.35:1 screen is too big for the livingroom now as its 142".
Now im looking for ideas here,anything. I want a curved and framed screen but putting that on the wall and the samsung will be in the way.

Anyone have a brilliant solution ?
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1. Hinge a fixed screen at its top corners so it can be folded up against the ceiling. If the screen too deeply curved, it'll look really ugly, of course.

2. Do something similar with the TV

3. Use a flat pull-down screen.

4. Get a much bigger TV.
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Another option: Put the TV on a rolling cart that sits to the side of the room when you're using the projector. Then roll it back into place when the projector is off. Finding a cart big enough for a 65" set might be difficult, however.
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FWIW, LG has announced a 53" OLED TV with a curved screen.
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I'm having the same issue right now too. I was between a motorized drop down screen or a solution that requires moving the tv. The price difference is about 2000 dollars for me to get a motorized screen size I want, plus I was actually able to see the weave of the pull down screen at my seating distance frown.gif. I'm planning on mounting a fixed frame screen, then covering that with a wall drapery and having my tv and stand in front of it. When its movie time I will pickup and move the tv then pull the curtains back, but I only have a 55" tv. It's not the most seamless solution, but for the monetary savings I will deal with it. Is the 65" too heavy big to move in your own? If you have decent seating distance I would suggest a Seymour a/v motorized screen, they can even out masking for when you watch non-cih movies.
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You could do a TV lift.
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Originally Posted by linneh View Post

After moving to a new appartment i dont have a dedicated room for my movie watching, all i have is the livingroom. Now the problem is that i have a 65" samsung led but now i have a projector and anamorphic lens just collecting dust.

I feel your pain. I ended up sourcing a smaller screen so I could still use my projector/A-Lens when in a similar accommodation.
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Originally Posted by Selden Ball View Post

FWIW, LG has announced a 53" OLED TV with a curved screen.

That will probably cost as much as the apartment when it comes out. smile.gif
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If you have tried hanging, pulling ,lifting ,wheel-barrowing ,tracking or ready to spend big bucks to replace your good flat big TV. and is still not feasible .I would like to know the pictures that I shown here are that what you looking for.
That's what my 12 yrs. old HT set up with room size about 13'x18' and the screen was 92" clarion 16:9. The 3D Led 55" Samsung Series 8 was placed there 3 years ago when 3d movies getting into the mainstream. The projector was soon decommissioned as it couldn't display BD contents.

Soon I got bored after watching the movies on TV for about an year as it wasn't as immersive as on the projected screen. That's what motivate me to upgrade my HT to HD display but I only had limited budget to spend. So I began my research and browsing AVS often and been to CES couple of times to see how the pros set up and went to local studios for ideas . But I was surprised no body suggest how to combine TV and screen, only separate displays would they eager to show.
After months of planning , trial and errors. My DIY project began and my goal is 3R (i.e. Reuse, reduce, Recycle) and all I want is able to convert TV room to Cinema display with little effort.
That's what came into my mind:
Why not try to make it disappear in front of the curved screen ? Like:
Lay it flat .

cover it and voila'

it's still same room but now it looks larger

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@ kis3dhc
How did you do the tilting/folding mechanism?
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Thank for your interest and please stay tune.
As I may have to start a new thread and upload some photos how it works.
Then I'll show how I built it with simple elements and cheap, provide more members comments or want to build one for themselves .
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note: I once attempted to use a motorised device but the TV panel simply too fragile and heavy for tilting. So I chose manually instead.
The photos below shows the TV support work in sequence :

cover the panel with velveteen fabric

the panel is about 36" from the wall

one handle on each side for left handed user or two persons

use center spk support as handle and extends whole unit another 10". Even at 25degree tilt the panel remains safe

it looks as if the panel will hit the screen. I lower the 20kg panel with ease every time by myself.

here is another view with a white tape to show the curved screen edge and the unit extended from its upright position

now the panel is stored safely from views

If there's enough opening behind the wall you can make it completely disappear but it's unnecessary.

next post : how it's built
a short note : I'm new to the site, Does anyone know I can post my experience what motivate me to build this device ?
just like the way you build your own HT.
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I thought tv's are not meant to be layed down like that? when i bought mine it stated on the carton box to have it always vertical as it might damage internals?
Also, i can understand the OP wanting to do this setup since he only has a living room where he has to have both, normal TV for everyday use, and a big screen/projector setup for his movie watching... but why did you do this in your what seems to be a dedicated movie room? Is there a reason for having a TV in there instead in your living room?

P.S. Love your star ceiling, do you have any write ups/pics of that?
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If an LCD panel flexes too much, it's likely to crack when laid flat, since support is only along the edges. This is more likely to be a problem for larger, more expensive TVs, of course. frown.gif

Hopefully some TVs are intentionally designed with thicker, stronger glass so that is less likely to happen.
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To Mazman808:
I'd put that into serious consideration before the project begun.
I spent many days on Google to look for solutions just about 'Is it safe to lay Lcd or Plasma TV flat' and the results are mostly inconclusive or words with fear and no action suggested, rather than 'They say so & so'. As my first post stated I even went to CES couple of times and came out disappointed.
There's going to be a lot of discussions and explanations to be told.
That's reason I may start a new thread next time when I reveal the project and 'Benefit from combine TV and the curved screen' plus the experience and the positive responds I'm receiving.
About your other questions, the theater room use to be family room but my kids have grown up and left however if they come home for the week-end family gathering or sport events with their buddies. Now we all can be in one room like the old days and have choices to watch videos, photos and movies on TV or the ultra-wide. TV set is being used as preview or check out movies contents prior to turn the PJ on. By doing this I assume PJ lamp life can extend another 20%, particularly when someone wants to watch the extra features of the disc or CNN broadcast.
To me the Hollywood movies are meant to be shown on ultra wide screen, period.
Versatility is one goal that I want to start my HT from the very beginning and for the living room I leave for the visitors to have a quiet place to chat.
For someone if the living room is their only available area for video entertainment, imo my set up will save them in many ways.
FYI. The starlight is an import from Asia, it consists of 600 strands of fibre optic cables. That's another project some said should be done by pro and I had that finished by myself.
[IMG ALT=""]The crystal are the largest stars and also acts an decoration during the day time, so the ceiling will not look plain. It came with color wheels but I prefer the twinkle white now.
Its pretty bright in dark, I hope it can be dimmable but is great as the movies end.

Is there a thread for this topic already ? if not, where can I post it.
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To Selden Ball:
You are right, that thought almost stop me there from the very beginning if I'd not mounted a smaller Led tv on the kitchen wall. I would not know it can be tilted with a proper support.
Further to fulfil viewers interest, I'd written earlier I might post it with a new thread with the detail of that support ( I wish there's a name for it) http://www.avsforum.com/t/1470402/how-to-combine-tv-and-curved-2-35-1-screen#plus the benefit of combine it with the ultra wide screen.
As I'd finished it more than a year ago and have been operating frequently ever since, with no stress to the TV physically or any color degradation at all.
Correct, not every TV has the same structure like mind, however I believe in Risk and Reward.
The greatest moment is someone gave you two thumbs up ! especially strangers.
Please, let me know is there other options or ideas you may suggest upon my next thread.
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