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Looking to sell my JAMO system

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Looking to sell my JAMO speaker system. We are downsizing into an apartment and feel that these would take up too much room and cause problems. I have 1 pr of E770 Floor standing speakers, 1 pr of E750 floor standing speakers, 1 E7SUB, 1 E8CEN.2, and 1 pr of E8SUR.2. I purchased these over in Saudi when I was working there and shipped them home. They are all in excellent condition and sound amazing. Can anyone tell me about what they would be worth?

Thanks for any help..
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Consider this as a wild guess (but I looked these up...but could not find the center or surrounds on a google search)
I did centers and surrounds that I thought would match. Apple or black ash finish.

$200 for the towers (for both)
$200 for the sub
$100 for the surrounds (for both)
$80/$100 for center

A good place for blue book on speakers is audiogon.com if you really want to be sure of their true value.
Mine is just somewhat guesswork. I've sold speakers (and other audio components) but take the prices I've listed with a grain of salt.
These speakers are fairly old I believe (somewhat retired).

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Thanks for the info. You're right, I bought these right before I left Saudi in 2008. Discontinued yes, but man they still sound great! Thanks for your input, I was thinking that $650 was a pretty fair price for them..
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Jamo is not a well known brand in the USA so it might be a little tough to get the price you want. Hopefully someone will be looking for this brand and know about their quality.

Good luck.
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Yeah I'm finding that when most folks hear the Jamo name its like youre trying to sell them sony explodes or something. At least where I'm from. Ill probably just hang on to them for now... Thanks for your replies!
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