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WD57731 Haze

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I purchased a Misubishi wd57731 from a second hand store "as-is". The ticket said bad lamp. I purchased the lamp and tv fired up well. The problem is that there is 6x7 inch haze in image to the right of the center of screen. I believe I've gone through all cleaning suggestions I could find on the internet without any luck. One day I walked in my family room where the tv is located and I noticed that while the tv was OFF I could see a haze on the screen in the same location. I wondering if the previous owner may have bumped or damaged the screen lens/lenses or caused some kind of damage inside the two lenses. I've tried cleaning the lens from behind with no luck. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
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Are you sure you aren't getting reflections from lighting or windows?
Do you see it at night with no direct lighting towards the screen?
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No reflections from lighting or windows. Just hazey area. I see it 100 percent of the time even with no direct lighting. As I mentioned in the post with the tv off I see a haze in the same area of the screen. I don't know if it has been bumped or something.
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The reason I asked about reflections is, I see a internal reflection as you describe when off during the day. It is an internal reflection off the mirror that shows as you described.
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All of my DLPs had a brownish circle area near the center of the screen when turned off. It is, as videobruce mentioned, caused by light reflecting back through the optics, and is normal. If you're seeing it with the TV turned on though, it's quite possible the screen is damaged. The previous owner may have used an abrasive cleaner on the screen, or liquid could have seeped in between the screen layers. You can call Mitsibishi and order a new screen, but first be sure of your problem.

With the TV off, open one of the side portholes and reach inside with a flashlight, shining it out through the screen to confirm the problem. While in there, check for dust on the lens surfaces as well.

BTW, I once worried over (and tried to clean) lines on my screen for half an hour before I realized they were caused by the Venetian blinds in the room. Light and shadow effects can be that subtle.
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Thank you both for hour responses. I've done and checked what both of you have suggested. I tend to lean towards something related to a bad or damaged lens. I may take both lens out and examine from both sides of each.

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Is there any way you can take a good screen shot of this?
I doubt it's the lens, the defect would manifest as a much larger distortion over more of the screen.
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If you still see it with the TV off it can't be the lens.
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He needs to look at the lens cleaning thread. wink.gif
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