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In Wall Subwoofer and Amplifier Help, Please

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We are finishing our deck into a sunroom. The walls are 33 inches high with windows down the side walls. There will be a large fireplace in front with a TV above it. This will become the primary TV/movie room at night. My wife has given a firm veto against having a subwoofer in the room. This includes a veto against trying to hide one in an end table or coffee table because she's putting in an ottoman and the couch won't have any end tables. So, here are my questions:

1. I'm looking at the Velodyne SC-600 IW because it is not horribly priced (under $700) and purports to have proprietary technology to keep it from vibrating the wall too much, which will be key with windows above it. I do not believe it reaches the lowest lows, but that's not really a problem in this viewing environment. It's not a true theater.

2. Velodyne's amplifier for this sub, the SC-600, seems very expensive at $700. Is there a reasonably priced alternative that will get the job done or are you required to use their amp to get the sub to perform properly.

3. Does anyone have any suggestions for better priced alternatives for an in wall sub that will provide solid performance? Excellent performance in the lowest end of the frequency range is not necessary, but tight (i.e., not muddy or boomy) is necessary. I strongly suspect the wife will veto this entire solution when she learns what it will cost. Indeed, I'm still not sure I'm willing to spend this much.
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How big is the room?

I know this doesn't answer your questions, but if the room is small enough a compact sealed sub like the SVS SB-12NSD will be much less expensive solution and its only about 14 x 14 x 14" so it can be tucked in a corner and may be even less noticeable than the large grill of the Velodyne. Maybe your wife doesn't realize how small a decent sounding sub can be?
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Not cheap but check out triad.
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Actually the Triad Bronze 4 sub is priced at $1400. 10" Aluminum driver with a 350w amp. 40hz to 80hz at 109 db.
Don't know how low it goes at normal listening levels (109db is up there). But price wise these 2 subs (Velo and Triad) cost the same.
The SVS SB-12NSD would sure be a nice sub for a medium to small listening area IMO.
I have a 14" cubed sealed sub from Parts Express (Dayton Titanic MK3 sub kit).....and it sure is small and can be easily

OP, you have already done your homework on the Velo, so I don't now how it compares to the Triad's specs.

As far as your question about the Velo 400w amp, I would stick with it because it was sized
and specified for the Velo cabinet and driver.

Sure hope the wife doesn't veto the whole thing. eek.gif

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Thanks for the responses. It's looking bleak right now. She's not happy with the price of the in wall subs and the look of a stand alone subs, not even a small one as recommended here. So it goes with marital bliss.
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Ouch... but those SB-12 NSDs are so "cute". This may be one of those cases where its better to beg forgiveness than ask permission wink.gif.
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Is she against a large planter? Could probably buy or DIY a well-hidden sub in a planter... Could even let her choose the plant wink.gif
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I'm struggling to find it now but there was a thread on here by a guy (I think he was in a wheelchair?) who wanted subs in a large-windowed room but wanted them to be discreet, much as you're looking to do.

He built some Tapped Horns, I think, which were installed as window seats along the brickwork at the bottom of one wall of windows, and they gave monstrous output without looking anything like subs, as well as not restricting the views from the window smile.gif

If I could find the thread you could see them in place!
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