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For Sale: Speakers, Subs, Amps, etc.

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For Sale:
Speakers, Subs, Amps, etc.

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

**Local cash pickup only unless otherwise specified.

1. PSB Image 6T towers & 8C center ---> Very good condition. One 6T grill has a little wear on a corner and a broken grill pin. Otherwise, I think you'd have very little to complain about. $125 for the center, $300 for the towers. All three for $400.

2. Hsu VTF-15H ---> Brand new, never opened, for an HT project that never got off the ground. Save a few bucks off ordering from Hsu. Still lots of transferable warranty left.... $850. $50 more and I'll throw in an Auralex Great Gramma isolation platform for it. sold!!!

3. SVS 25-31pci ----> Excellent condition. Works perfectly. Even have original box.... $325 firm.

4. *Emotiva LPA-1 amplifier ----> 1.2Kva transformer for up to 7 channels of amplification (@8ohm = 5x125wpc, 5x125wpc+2x50wpc, or 6x125wpc w/ last 2 channels bridged). Excellent condition w/ original box. CAN ship.... $425. sold!!!

5. *Parasound HCA-1205A amplifier ----> 1.6Kva transformer for 5x140wpc @8ohm. One scratch on top of chassis near edge. Otherwise in great shape. Works perfectly. Original box included. CAN ship.... $550. sold!!!

6. Klipsch KM-6 towers (same as KG 5.5) ----> Good condition. Black....$350 for the pair. sold!!!

7. Full EMP (division of RBH) home theater set including large E55Ti towers, huge E56Ci center, and E5Bi bookshelves. All purchased less than 6 mo. ago. All MINT. Have all boxes except the one for the center. Again, like NEW. Gloss black veneer....$850 for all. sold!!!

8. Mirage PS-12-180 subwoofer. Very good condition and works perfectly....$125. Only $100 if you pick up some speakers as well. sold!!!

PM me if interested in anything. Thanks.
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