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In the process of moving I so I sold my current setup of a Onkyo HT-R580 HTIB. While it was a good system for my first (and cheap) home theater setup, when I do get settled I'll be wanting something more. My budget for receiver and speakers will be around $3,000-$4,000. I know I want to stay with 7.1 (can you get more? biggrin.gif), and I'd like to stay away from another HTIB, though I was considering Aperion Intimus 4T Summit Wireless 7.1 System as I love the idea of never having to run wires and having it auto-calibrate itself. So if you have any thoughts on it let me know. Uses would be gaming, movies, TV, and sometimes music; with movies probably being the priority. I'm good with having all speakers be floor standing. Anyway, just looking for general advice now. What brands in that price range should I be looking at? Go with a high end receiver, or go cheap receiver and spend more on speakers? Is that Aperion system decent? What are some things/features I'm forgetting about and what should I ignore? Thanks in advance.