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What's "preferred" ARC, or Receiver signal-routing?

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I just purchased a Sony KDL-70R550A to go along with my Onkyo TX-NR709. I put a few posts in the R550A thread about my setup and cal. At that time, I was running all my sources through the AVR and sending all video into one TV input.

In that thread, after I mentioned my sync delay setttings, it was recommended I use the Audio Return Channel (ARC) to minimize processing of the video signal. So I moved my component inputs over to the TV. I quickly discovered the ARC would do a fine job with a DD 5.1 signal, but would not pass the hi-def formats DD HD, or DTS MA. So, I moved my blu-ray player back to it's AVR input.

At this time, the DirecTV receiver, and Google TV are plugged directly into the TV and pass their audio (currently DD 5.1 is the highest from these, which is supported) back to the AVR via ARC.

My question is this... is there any real value to either setup option? Is it actually better for the video image, to bypass the AVR and plug them into the TV?

One final note, I may disable ARC and just go with an optical digital cable which will allow me to disable the Bravia control function.

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Connecting the BD player to the AVR is always the way to go. AFAIK, no HDTV is capable of passing lossless audio. Most HDTVs won't even pass DD5.1 except from their internal tuners and smart apps. Sony seems to be the exception to this.

As long as an AVR is not doing any video processing, the image passed through should be the same as when you connect a device to the TV. The only advantage of having some sources connected to the TV is if you want to use different video settings for each source.

ARC is only a convenience. The audio output of the TV will be exactly the same whether you use optical or ARC.
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Thanks for responding!

That makes sense to me as well.

So, to rid myself of Bravia-link (I'm sure it's about like every other brands' unity system) I've disabled ARC and am using an optical cable from the TV back to the AVR for the DVR and Google TV unit.

It works great and everything shuts down when I say to ;-)


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